Everyone wants to earn huge bucks of money with the proper utilization of their education. As the job market these days fluctuates in high rate it is hard for people to choose the appropriate field that has good job opportunities.

There is no doubt that we want our gained education and skills to be in use. Here are the world's most highly paid jobs, so that you can make a right choice for your further study.


Surgeon - Salary $512,000 Per Year

Physician - Salary $196,520 Per year

Anesthesiologist - Salary $352,518 Per Year

Psychiatrist - Salary $187,199 Per Year

Pediatrician - Salary $170,724 Per Year

Dentist - Salary $172,350 Per year

Pharmacist - Salary $140,000 Per Year

IT Manager - Salary $131,600 Per year

Air Traffic Controller - Salary $122,950 Per Year

Lawyer - Salary $160,000 Per Year



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