Who says animals doesn’t feel guilty? Especially Dogs, breaking rules are as lovable as they are naughty. Dog’s reaction after getting busted by the owners is really humorous. Dogs are curious and want to dig out more, messing the whole in absence of their owner. Here are 10 puppies with the funniest and guilty face ever.


Seriously! A spider???

The diet humiliation

Degree celebration???

Smart Paper shredder

Demon on the house

Have you ever tasted the pancake made by dog

Toilet paper missing??? Ask your doggy

Toilet pan or makeup box???

Lipstick thief

Love for garbage

Is he drunk or what?

Is a chair yummy than a pedigree?

Bible is to read not to eat

It’s time to paint new color putty

Everyone wants to be beautiful

Did someone drop a missile?

Killed the Pillow

Eating smart phone never makes you smart

Slipper disappeared??? Ask your Doggy

sparkling dog or its poop???

New Block



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