Who says animals doesn’t feel guilty? Especially Dogs, breaking rules are as lovable as they are naughty. Dog’s reaction after getting busted by the owners is really humorous. Dogs are curious and want to dig out more, messing the whole in absence of their owner. Here are 10 puppies with the funniest and guilty face ever.


Seriously! A spider???

Have you ever left your obedient and entertaining dog all alone at home? If yes then this picture obviously gives a familiar look to you. It’s crazy when your small dog tears your home apart and gives humorous reaction after getting busted.

“There was a spider, It’s gone now” sounds really hilarious.

The diet humiliation


Putting your dog on diet could be lil bit costly. Eating your food is okay but eating your party shoes that ridiculous. Maybe, your dog doesn’t like those yucky diets when they have a good shoe for dinner. And their reaction after they got busted is really amusing.

Degree celebration???

What a celebration for earning master's degree! And what a loyal mail receiver. It seems he was so excited to see her rank and to celebrate, he just chews the envelope.


Smart Paper shredder

Imagine what if you have a living paper shredder at home. Instead of using a paper shredder, you can put your document on the floor and alert your dog and then return back after 15 minutes to put them on trash.  

Demon on the house


Someday your lovely dogs really turned down into a demon. It’s not funny to come home and find out that your lovely dog has exploded your pillow and couch. At the same time, your dog reacts that he was just sitting and the whole thing explodes on its own.

Have you ever tasted the pancake made by dog

What! If your dog can make a pancake for you. It would be really amazing. Isn’t it? This dog is really trying hard to make a pancake. But look what he has done.


Toilet paper missing??? Ask your doggy

If you own a dog then remember to lock your toilet.  It’s really mysterious why the dogs are so interested in papers.  So, dog parents should seriously figure out the way to rid of your dog’s ridiculous habit.  

Toilet pan or makeup box???


What! If you find your expensive makeup kit inside your toilet pan. Look, this good boy is just trying keeping everything in a safe place. He is really helpful.

Lipstick thief

This dog knows the way to be beautiful. She just found something to accentuate her lovely eyes and perfect lips to pout. She thought she hit the jackpot, after finding her mom’s lipstick and couldn’t help her get it on a face and legs.


Love for garbage

Human trash always seems to be a treasure for the canine. We consider our garbage filled with unnecessary food and scraps.

But for dogs, it’s smelly, interesting and tasty food. They are so curious and excited to dig out things to chew.

Is he drunk or what?

Maybe this picture gives you familiar looks. What if your dog breaks your wine bottle? So, if you have secured a wine bottle for your anniversary. Then don’t forget to keep it safe or away from your sweet dog.

He could have ruined your party. However, thanks to god that he breaks it in a concert floors instead of your well-furnished carpet.  


Is a chair yummy than a pedigree?

Probably, you may have faced this problem, if you have a pet at home. Exploding a pillow and killing the toys was fine but eating a furniture seriously.

This dog seems to be very angry with his grandparents. As he destroyed the only memento of their marriage. OR he is really bored sitting at home. 

Bible is to read not to eat


Ate the holy book! sound ridiculous. It’s time to teach your dog and set the differences between the book and food.

Even though, the old book smells interesting. But, how could you be so careless and let your sweet dog eat your holy religious book? What do you think it would be sinful or just you can replace by shopping another one?

It’s time to paint new color putty

After watching his picture, do you really dare to leave your dog all alone at home? I am sure you may not. This is really dreadful, how can a single dog drop a bombshell when nobody is at home?

So be aware or get ready to think of a new color for your wall. Undoubtedly, it seems this dog likes a white wall instead of a peach wall.


Everyone wants to be beautiful

These days’ dogs are really getting sophisticated. It seems they are really conscious about their beauty. Maybe they are copying their master.

What if your favorite lipstick is used by your cute puppy? Not only that, your light color bed sheet got painted with it. Undoubtedly, you will be furious, when you faced this scenario after getting from a long day work.

But what can do you, instead of cleaning your dog and your bed sheet? So, don’t show your dog a lipstick. Otherwise, your dog may try hard to be beautiful.

Did someone drop a missile?


“Innocent until proven guilty”. Did he really look surprised? I don’t think so. His face explaining that he was sleeping on the sofa and it explodes on its own. Nobody is gonna believe this shit story.

If you are pet owner then you need to learn something from this picture. Don’t trust your dog. At any time your cute dog can turn down into a devil.

Killed the Pillow

A dog like a pillow or hates the pillow, It's really mysterious. If you see them playing with it, you’ll find it cute but if you move out the room for 5 minutes then your pillow will surely get murdered.

Maybe, this dog doesn’t like that feathered pillow. He is not even moving after getting busted.


Eating smart phone never makes you smart

Does your dog want to get smarter? If you have any suspicion better don’t keep your smart remotes anywhere in your room. This dog has eaten seven remotes and still isn't as smart as it wants to be.

So how much do you think your dog needs to a James Bond. Better keep your remote safer cause he might be coming to get yours too!!!

Slipper disappeared??? Ask your Doggy


Maybe this picture reminds you of your dogs. Most of the dog owner has the problem of missing slippers in the morning. And they know who the culprit is? 

Maybe dog really like the smell of man’s foot. So, care for your slipper or else your slipper will have full of holes.

sparkling dog or its poop???

Is your bottle filled with glitter nowhere to be found? Better check your dog's poop!!! OOPSY We know that dogs are fond of chewing and eating your valuable stuffs. But this dog has gone too far may be it want to make glitter pop like a golden hen makes gold egg.

Don't be happy when you see something sparkling in the floor, just check your glitter. Is he smiling or feeling guilty? 


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