Donald Trump the president of the United States of America is here to make the country great again. We guess he has contributed more to making memes rather than doing any contributions. Here are some of the best Donald Trump jokes for you.


Croak Croak… It's Trump here!!!

Oh!!! Did I just say CO…V…F... Ah!!! What?

Hmmm… Well, Isn’t Donald Trump making America laugh again?

'I will never let Megyn Kelly comb my hair over again'

Donald Trump is surely a fantastic man with a fantastic hairstyle

Hey you catch this or you ain't getting anything

I am Donald Trump… I am Kim Jong… Hey wait I am Louis van Gaal

Hello Ladies… Orange is the new Black now

Go ahead Mexicans go… Use tunnels now…

Donald Trump is angry which means, there will be Hell toupee

Donald Trump VS ISIS

Is there any difference??? Donald Trump and Hitler

First, handle Megyn Kelly

Stop World Hunger

Screw you blub light

Support no other than Donald Trump

Why China WHY?

Say... Happy Birthday

Donald Trump wants you to comb down?

What’s the difference?

It's my hair

Donald Trump hairstyle


Donald Trump to Hillary Clinton

It's the president's hair after all



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