Donald Trump the president of the United States of America is here to make the country great again. We guess he has contributed more to making memes rather than doing any contributions. Here are some of the best Donald Trump jokes for you.


Croak Croak… It's Trump here!!!

There are many data suggesting that President Trump be the Avatar of Kek. Do you think he might have ancestors from the ancient Egyptian religion?


Oh!!! Did I just say CO…V…F... Ah!!! What?

Cocaine makes you high, Marijuana makes you stoned and now Covfefe will make you TRUMP. This fresh ground Covfefe will give you the power to miss spell words in a confident way. Just imagine Trump's face saying the word 'Covfefe'…. doesn't he look high.

Hmmm… Well, Isn’t Donald Trump making America laugh again?



"I won’t let the world laugh at the United States, Let's make America great again" this was probably what he said when he was running for presidential election.  Well, we can see he kept the promise and brought an end to this. Cause the world is laughing at him now.

'I will never let Megyn Kelly comb my hair over again'

Ewww!!! Megyn did you just touch my hair? You ruined my hairstyle you nuts. I spent the whole one minute of my life to set it….  Go to hell you lady, you are fired!!!


Donald Trump is surely a fantastic man with a fantastic hairstyle

Most people think I wear a hairpiece. Morons!!! Its hair from the back of head combed over my completely bald head dummies… HAHA. And don’t you think I wore it better than any others.

Hey you catch this or you ain't getting anything


Donald Trump has a new catch for distributing relief to victims. Common President Trump, how long have you been drinking Covfefe??? Were you drunk??? It is not the right way of distributing anything to victims of natural disaster.

I am Donald Trump… I am Kim Jong… Hey wait I am Louis van Gaal

Hair swap. And you thought Donald Trump only looks good with his caterpillar hair on… Now Kim Jong-Un finally met someone crazier than him. He is no longer the craziest leader. LOL!!!


Hello Ladies… Orange is the new Black now


America is so progressive that eight years after electing their first black president…. It has elected their first orange one…  Guess that's was what the Americans meant when they said Orange is the New Black.

Go ahead Mexicans go… Use tunnels now…


If I had a penny for every time Donald Trump said something stupid… I would have a small loan of a million dollar… He is planning to build a wall around New Mexico as well cause he does not need new Mexicans when he is still trying to get rid of the old ones.

Donald Trump is angry which means, there will be Hell toupee

If I don’t become the President there will be Hell Toupee… But if do there will still be hell toupee because Donald Trump is angry.


Donald Trump VS ISIS

Says He's the only one tough enough to stand up to ISIS…. But too scared to speak in Chicago… Even throws a hissy fit over Saturday Night Live making fun of him.

Is there any difference??? Donald Trump and Hitler


The only difference between Donald Trump and Hitler is a mustache… Hitler promised to make Germany great again and Trump promised to make America great again, Hitler Anti-Jew Fascist and Trump anti-Muslim Fascist… See we proved it

First, handle Megyn Kelly

Here is the man who thinks he can take on China, Iran, Russia, North Korea and ISIS. The agony is he cannot even handle Fox News' Megyn Kelly.


Stop World Hunger


Donald Trump: To stop ISIS, we must rain bacon on Muslims everywhere... This will solve the problem of the World Hunger.

Screw you blub light


How many Donald Trump supporters does it take to screw in a light bulb? Ten. One to screw it in and nine to tell him how awesome he is for doing it while being so sexy.

Support no other than Donald Trump

Trump supporters logic: I don’t really know what Trump wants to do, but Bernie Sanders definitely is not a good president because he wants to build a wall.


Why China WHY?

Donald Trump might be wondering why China built the great wall in their country…. because there are no any Mexican there.

Say... Happy Birthday


Boy: Hello president Donald Trump I have my birthday today. Trump: Happy Birthday little boy, unless you are a Mexican.

Donald Trump wants you to comb down?

Why does everyone panic when I make any illegal alien statement, I want everyone to just comb down and see me raising the duck limit!!!


What’s the difference?

What do Donald Trump and a Pumpkin have in common? They are Orange on the outside, Hollow on the Inside and should be tossed out in early November.

It's my hair


It's not me who's trying to bribe the president into releasing more info than any other even before. Comb on dude, It’s my hair.

Donald Trump hairstyle

Reasons why Donald Trump is just like Justin Bieber: Both are known for their hairstyles, both say and do stupid things, and both laugh at those when they make a bafoon out of themselves.



Hi, do you know who I am? I am the guy who has four bankruptcies, three wives, and lies about the President's birth certificate. In short 'The Pur… fettt Republican'.

Donald Trump to Hillary Clinton


That's really funny, Hillary. No, I don’t mean your joke, I mean the fact that you are running for President.

It's the president's hair after all

Do you know what was the first executive order President Donald Trump gave: Make my hair an endangered species of the world.