Normally when you talk about NY police cop, you’ll probably come up with some 45-year-old, tall, muscular guy with a scary mustache. But my god coruscating Samantha Sepulveda is definitely not on your list of typical NY officer.

Pinch me! Ouch! Well, that’s everyone’s reaction when they see Samantha Sepulveda, the hottest real-life police cop ever on this planet. The 33-year old babe is a police officer in Freeport, Long Island and when she escapes her time from throwing the bad guys in the prison, she’s modeling in swimsuits and lingerie arresting everyone’s appearance.

In every other pose, she just kills the camera with or without the uniform. Simply, she’s a pure perfectionist in both on-duty and off-duty.


Immigrating from the Dominican Republic

She was a lacrosse star

Even her short height couldn’t shake her confidence

After graduating MBA, She decided not to work as stockbroker

Difficulties and struggle while working in Freeport Police Department

On-duty advantages

Started modeling career

Active with her charitable work and book

Internet sensation



Viral in Social Media