I’m sure every one of us around the world loves eating at a fine dining Michelin-starred restaurant but not all of us can afford these places, not even on the special occasion. The brilliant tirade of options starting from the privately dining table with the spectacular view or thousands of fiber optic lights, these restaurants can easily put a dent even on the healthiest of wallets.

For most of the restaurant, it’s their exotic and gorgeous locations, expertly selected ingredients and ambiance what makes them so famous and expensive. These restaurants with their exclusivity spots offer you more than just a meal, they offer you a once-in-life experience that possibly no other restaurants in the world could succeed to offer.

So, if you plan to tour the world and visit theses opulent spots to taste their delightful meal then here you go. Our list of most expensive restaurants in the world.


Masa (New York City)-$595 Per Person

Le Pre Catelan-$199 Per Person

Beige Tokyo-$190 per person

Gordon Ramsay (London)-$178 per person

French Laundry, California, United States-$270 per person

Aragawa (Tokyo)-$370 per person

Alain Ducasse at the Dorchester, London-$343 Per Person

Sublimotion (Ibiza)-$2173 Per Person



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