Like each and every new member in the house is taught and trained to act properly and politely, this applies to the dogs too. Naturally, your dog wants your approval. You can’t expect your dog to behave generously until and unless you won’t teach it.

So, during the life span of your dogs, you can teach them some impressive tricks and tasks which help them act well-mannered and well-trained. The only thing your dog need is a right techniques and proper amount of practice so that it can learn any tricks in the world.

Joining dog classes with professional trainer can put a dent on your wallet so, here are some steps which can help you get training of your canine chum.


1. Getting Started With Dog Training

An appropriate training program is the foundation of good behavior in the dogs and it should always be at the high list of your priority. Your dog wants to please you but it can do nothing without your help. Socialization and training are what your dog begs for.

No dog is too old or too young to learn the tricks, it’s just the time and your commitment that you should be ever ready to pay to get your dog trained. However, training dogs can be intimidating and frustrating at times especially if it’s your first dog, but you should comfort your pooch companion and act conscientiously. If you take things slow and a step at a time, you’ll find the job pretty exciting and enthralling. This information can help you to get things started.

  1. Start with a dog obedience program: A proper dog obedience program is the cornerstone of decent behavior in dogs. An obedient and well-trained dog is far more loyal to their owners and they simply know how to behave well.
  2. Positive reinforcement: Positive reinforcement is something that your dog remarks as a pleasant that normally occurs following your behavior. It can certainly help both you and your dog to act properly.
  3. Use exciting games to train your dog: Your training can be a lot easier and fun if you try applying some exciting games to train your dog.


2. Tools for dog training

Now it’s time for you to buy certain tools and equipment’s which can be a real help during the training of the dog. Luckily, it’s not a pain to get the supplies because you won’t need a lot of them.

Certain training books can be enough to get your dog trained. And also if you want, you can look out for the help of a professional trainer to bring the best at your dog. The following information can guide you to pick the right tools and stuff for your dog.

1.     Choose the best training books for your dog

2.     Get the best training supplies

3.     Make sure you select the right trainer for your friend


3. Crate training and House training

House training the dog can test your forbearance, positive reinforcement, and steadiness. It’s absolutely daunting and hard for anyone who gets involved. But until and unless you don’t plan to keep your dog stay out of the house, you have to house train him because nobody will like to clean his poop.

It will also install a good habit to your dog. It normally takes your dog 4-6 months to be house trained, depending upon the size. However make sure that you start an early training, choosing later may stretch the training period longer.

1.     Crate training: A crate idea can be a relief for those who hate cleaning their dog potty. Whether its adult dog or a puppy, getting them their own dog den can make them obedient and mannerly.

2.     Submissive urination in dogs: Dog’s do submissive urination out of excitement or intimidation. It’s also because they want to deliver that they are no threat.



4. Leash training

There is no hard and fast rule when it comes to training dogs, especially if it’s leash training. You have to take things real slow and unwearyingly. They aren’t inborn with this talent; some dogs may take the leash with ease while some get infuriated with it.

Leash manner is good for your dog because there may be a time when your dog poses a threat for you and your family. Just take baby steps and ensure your junior that it’s no harm. Make your dog believe that it’s just a playtime for him. Don’t pull the leash hard and hold it gently making it a wonderful experience for you and your friend.

1.     Pick the right leash

2.     Familiarizing dog to the collar

3.     Make sure that your dog gets used to the leash

4.     Loosen the leash


5. Socializing dogs and puppies

It’s obvious that everyone wants their dog to act friendly and trustworthy, but it’s up to you how well you treat and raise them to get the desired result. You play a big part on how your dog responds to the other people and pooches.

Socialization means a positive encounter with peoples, doggies and new environmental conditions during the entire developmental window. Socialized dogs are opened towards new challenges and experiences which can affect to its entire approach to life.  They are usually more hailed by the society and people which will make them happy and endearing one.

As an owner, it’s your responsibility to socialize them because aggressive dogs are often put down and also socialize one is no threat to the people around you.

1.     Introduce your dog to the new breeds and walk him constantly.

2.     Expose your dog to the society and people

3.     Adult dog and puppy handling exercises


6. Clicker training

Clicker training, widely used to train marine mammals is efficacious with the dogs too. Basically, the click sound of the clicker lets the dog know that he is doing what the owner asked for. The positive reinforcement of the clicker encourages and motivates the dogs to work as you follow them with the scrumptious treats.

Although you can train your dog without the clicker, it goes perfectly, when combined with various other training as you reward them each time they performed what you say. Also, the clicker sounds same every time you click it. And don’t get scared that you will have to stick with the clicker forever because one your dog gets used to of it, you can put it aside.


1.     Make your dog believe that a click equals to treat

2.     Clicker training tips

3.     Use clicker to capture behaviors



7. Basic Commands and fun trick

There are plenty of dog tricks and training commands that every dog should be aware of. While it’s important to teach your dog basic commands like sit down, stand up, and come, you too can’t underrate the advantage of dog tricks. It’s the best way to offer your dog a mental stimulation.

In addition, it’s fun to train your dog with some impressive and cool tricks that you can proudly show-off to your friends. These followings tricks and training commands can guide you and your dog.

1.     Start with the basic dog training commands

2.     Easy and fun dog tricks


8. Proofing behaviors and Troubleshooting

Proofing is the final step in training your dog to perform any new behavior. Proofing in dog training means practicing behavior in new situations or environment until your dog performs the desired behavior anywhere you take him. You should train him till the time he is fluent and well-behaved in parks or any of your friend’s house.

Just you have reached the final step doesn’t mean your job is done here. Never stop learning the common dog behavioral problems and the best ways to deal with them because you never know, the problems might crop up. These following guidelines can help you navigate the part of training process

1.     Proofing behaviors: Your dog may perform the desired behavior in the places that it’s familiar of. But as soon as you walk him out of his comfort zone, he may forget his manner house and that’s because he doesn’t have proofing behaviors. Proofing is a practiced behavior in the dog under various situations with a level of distraction.

2.     Common dog behavioral problems: Learning potential dog behavioral problems can help you notice the issues before it’s out of control.

3.     Teach self-control to your dog: With the help of this method, you can realize your dog that his tasty treat doesn’t come for free and he has to earn it.


9. Training specific types of dog

You should put a lot of options when it comes to training the dog. They come with different size, age, breed, and history, based on it you have to train the dog.

The job is frustrating and it deliberately needs an extreme patience level. And if it’s overwhelming and confusing than you can seek a help of a professional trainer. So, just figure out how to modify your training skills and come up with the best results.

1.     Adult dog training tips

2.     Learn how to train the small ones

3.     Petrified dogs

4.     How to train Pit Bulls

5.     Training Labrador Retrievers



10. Advanced dog training

Advanced dog training is an entirely different thing from the basic ones. As a human, we demand instant result but that’s not how the thing goes, you have to have strength and patience because not every dog is same. Don’t rush the training and start with the easy steps. And once your dog is a master in the basic commands and exercises, you can instantly jump to this level.

This training can help your dog act more energetic, fit and active. Also, it will help you reinforce your bond with your pooch companion that will last forever. Here are some following ideas on when to take your dog to the next level.

1.     Animal-assisted therapy and Therapy dogs

2.     Canine Good Citizen Training

3.     Top Dog Sports