Most appealing and gorgeous news anchor, Brooke Baldwin is in the top news at the recent time. Brooke came in the highlight of most of media news channel when there came a news that she is going to giving birth to her first child in early 2016. Brooke Baldwin is married to Jay Davis. It has not been long time since they tied knot.

Brooke Baldwin was dating Jay David for a long time before getting married to him. The couple got engaged in 2010. However, it took few years for the couple to make decision to get married and pass the entire life together. Few years back the couple got married and started to spend time together as husband and wife. There is not any conflict and controversial news published about the couple yet. They seem to be having splendid moment together.

It has been several years of lovely couple Brooke Baldwin and Jay David spending their life together. At the present time, they are in the top headline of media news. According to some report published on internet, it is revealed that Brooke Baldwin will be delivering her first child on this world in early 2016. Exact date has not been defined and provided by the couple yet.

Firstly, the news of Brooke Baldwin giving birth to her first child came in the news when her close friends and family member discloses and confirm that news in media and public. At the past days, Brooke was having a problem with her birth issue. Nevertheless, it seems that Brooke has surpass that problem and all set to become a mother. She has expressed her gratitude towards her doctor who has helped her to overcome birth issues.

It would be really an enjoyable moment for any couple who is welcoming their first child. Like other people, Brooke Baldwin has also shared her happiness to her close friends and family who revealed the news of getting pregnant and delivery of her first child. According to them, Brooke Baldwin will be delivering her first child in early spring of 2016. They also revealed that Brooke is planning to give birth to her first child at her own house. They further exposed the news that Brooke and Jay has finalized medical team who will be helping to welcome their first child on this world.

Brooke is a well-known television news anchor who currently hosts news show ‘CNN Newsroom’. She has earned recognition and name in the media world with her hard work and dedication towards her work. Till date, she has hosted several news show and covered many important news events. Recently, she became a part of criticism when she gave suggestion on the veterans who were responsible for unrest during 2015 Baltimore Protests. Brooke has a large number of fans and followers on her social networking sites. She has more than 500k followers in her twitter account.

Prominent news anchor, Brooke Baldwin is going to deliver her first child in this world in early spring of 2016. So all her fans and well-wishers are wishing her happy life as mother.