Celebrities Without makeup, the trend has become the biggest thing in many parts of the world. Without Makeup trends recently is even quite popular among Hollywood celebrities. Some celebrities have embraced their normal skin and are going without makeup. Some of the most impressive ones so far include:


1. Alicia Keys Without Makeup

Alicia Keys went on to perform on X Factor without makeup. Many people praised Alicia for her flawless skin and she made a positive impression on people as shown by the reactions on the internet.


Alicia is equally famous for her voice as she is a singer. She is one of the most popular female celebrities in the world. When she takes up something it easily becomes a trend. This is why Alicia Keys' no makeup look gained such popularity with different people.

Alicia does have some flawless skin even without makeup and she has her makeup artist to thank for this as well. Keys’ makeup artist notes that she uses ice and cucumber to keep the singer looking youthful and flawless. She uses a cold jade roller to help drain her lymphatic system and bring blood to her skin as well. She also uses cucumber pulp to absorb the heat from her skin and leave her with that youthful glow.


2. Lupita Nyong’o Without Makeup

Lupita Nyong’o is an award-winning actress who does not shy away from stepping out without makeup. In fact, she says that she barely ever wears makeup unless she is working on the red carpet or on a few nights out.

When you have won an Oscar and everyone knows your name, you need to keep up appearances; but not for Lupita.

Lupita Nyong’o likes to give her skin a break from makeup. You would think that she uses numerous products to keep her skin as flawless as it is.

She doesn’t. Instead, she only washes her face and follows up with kukui oil which is native to Hawaii. Lupita Nyong’o credits her lack of makeup to her mother.

She was banned from makeup as a child and a teenager and therefore learned to love herself without all the makeup.

Although this was hard for her at that age, she appreciates the lesson as it allows her to go makeup free.


3. Demi Lovato Without Makeup

Demi Lovato wears makeup when she is having shows but underneath it, all is a fresh face, gorgeous skin, and some freckles to match. She must have been the perfect person to sing ‘Confidence’ because it summarizes a part of her life.

Demi Lovato is one of the celebrities who regularly post photos where they have no makeup on. In fact, Demi is commonly referred to as the no makeup selfie queen.

Lovato is always posting photos each week where she has no makeup on. This is either on NMM – No Makeup Monday or on FFF – Fresh Faced Friday.

The singer does not post these photos for likes only. She is actually a mental illness advocate as well as a self-love ambassador.

She encourages her fans to post their photos in order to grow in self-love as opposed to conforming to what the society has set as the standard of beauty.



4. Jessica Alba Without Makeup

Jessica Alba has wowed us time and again with her beauty and enviable body measurements. It is great to know that underneath all that is not something else.

She does not misrepresent her look and it is nothing short of commendable. Jessica Alba was on the no makeup bandwagon long before it was a thing.

From her roles in Dark Angel and Into the Blue, Alba has been a favorite of many since she came onto the Hollywood scene.

Her acting is complemented by her beauty which is a natural and not as a result of makeup. You can see this from Alba's no makeup selfies.

The actress has a company known as Honest Beauty. This is fitting and matches her lifestyle. It even becomes easier for people to buy her products because they relate.

Her fresh face is flawless and to die for! Her pictures encourage others to go without makeup and still love themselves as well.


5. Gwyneth Paltrow Without Makeup

Gwyneth Paltrow’s skin is glowing & flawless underneath any makeup that she wears from time to time. Paltrow was able to embrace the without makeup look and stun while at it.

You might know her from Iron Man and probably still believe that she is with Robert Downey Jr. in real life but she isn’t.

Her acting skills are on another level and it seems that her skincare is as well. Gwyneth Paltrow posted a no makeup selfie for her 44th birthday which had people talking.

Paltrow helped many women see how you can look in your forties. She does use a really expensive skincare regimen from Goop which costs $185 for a cleanser and exfoliating face mask.

If that lifestyle were sustainable, many women would gladly hop on the bandwagon if Paltrow’s skin is anything to go by.

Most people would be busy putting on layers of makeup to slay a night out on their birthdays, but not Paltrow.


6. Miley Cyrus Without Makeup

In fact, Miley Cyrus is one of the most famous musicians of her generation. Her torrid relationships also spark some interest among fans.

She started out as the innocent girl on Hannah Montana before she became the famous singer whose songs won many hearts.

Miley has a lot of controversy surrounding her private and public life but does not seem to care much about this as she is often seen stepping out with no makeup.

Miley Cyrus often goes without makeup and this does not seem like an issue to her. Whether she had gone for a Pilates class or hanging out with her family and friends.

One of the reasons why she is so open minded is probably because she has flawless skin. She does not have even one zit or any other skin problem that so many common folks suffer from. Miley Cyrus is a role model when it comes to skincare.



7. Hillary Duff Without Makeup

If there was ever a moment for skincare goals, then Hillary Duff is it! The mother of one has continued to maintain her youthful appearance over a long period of time and is the envy of many people.

Hillary Duff has no spot or blemish on her flawless skin which is to die for. You would think that with her packed schedule, Duff would not be able to take care of her skin the right way.

It seems she does. She is a famous musician and has since taken her place as an actress as well. Even with all these roles, her skin is flawless without makeup.

Hillary Duff has been stepping out with makeup long before it was a trend. Many are the days that paparazzi have caught her chilling without makeup and she has always looked flawless.

While others are struggling to get on board the trend train, she is already in her element.


8. Chrissy Teigen Without Makeup

Chrissy Teigen has posted a number of photos and videos without makeup. One of the first ones was a time-lapse showing how her glam squad prepares her and does her makeup to get her looking flawless.

You would think that being a supermodel, giving birth to an adorable baby and having John Legend as your husband is enough of a blessing.

For Chrissy Teigen, it seems the heavens smiled on her a hundredfold since she also has a flawless skin to match her already seemingly perfect life. The first frame was already flawless even though Teigen had no makeup on.

Another photo that had the internet thinking about relationship goals was when John Legend posted a photo of her smiling gently and captioned it ‘no filter necessary.’ in his Instagram.

Besides, Chrissy Teigen is the mother of two children and is famous because she is a model and also one of the hosts of Lip Synch Battle.


9. Gigi Hadid Without Makeup

Gigi Hadid's skin even without makeup is gorgeous and just plain enviable. It makes you wonder what she needs a makeup glam squad for if she already looks this great.

If being one of the world’s top 50 models is not enough, then add having Zayn Malik as your boyfriend onto the list.

You would think that this plus all the money earned from being one of the top models is all you need in life. Hadid has perfect skin as well.

Gigi Hadid is one of the most sought-after models in the world. She is often spotted without makeup in her natural chilling state.

Some of the no makeup photos that Hadid has online are alongside Zayn Malik. She seems to go for a more natural and toned down look which works perfectly for her.

Her flawless skin should be out in the world being admired since so many would do anything to have skin like hers.



10. Tyra Banks Without Makeup

With a supermodel career spanning a significant number of years, people have gotten used to seeing the likes of Tyra Banks in makeup.

It is therefore refreshing to see the icon without makeup and comfortable on her skin. It is encouraging to see that underneath all that makeup is a beautiful woman.

Tyra has been known to challenge the standards of society when it comes to beauty. It is not a wonder then that she would comfortably step out without makeup and make it work.

The model and television show host Tyra Banks posted an early morning selfie without makeup or a filter. The likes of Tyra Bank help women see that beauty should not be defined by society and its standards.

You can have no makeup and still be beautiful. This encourages women to love themselves which is a significant part of what she does with her life.


11. Jennifer Lawrence Without Makeup

Most often, Jennifer Lawrence is seen with minimalist makeup, which makes her prettier and gorgeous. She suits well with makeup on her chubby cheeks and eyes that looks extraordinarily bold and sexy.

The Hunger Games film series actress Jennifer No Makeup Pictures are not quite common. Paparazzi sometimes spot her with a bare face that looks unrecognizable. However, she has a natural smooth face that looks beautiful even without makeup.

Jennifer Lawrence without makeup looks is caught in hotel balcony in Hawaii. The image looks like Jennifer is smoking something suspicious.


12. Kesha Without Makeup

Kesha is also seen without makeup on her face, like other actresses. Kesha's bare face without shades is popular on Instagram and other social sites.

Kesha is best known for glitters and makeup. Her amazing style and dressing habits have lured numerous fans and followings.

Especially Kesha's hair color & its style gained wide popularity in 2009. Even in her thirties she still looks dashing.



13. Ashley Greene Without Makeup

Ashley Greene has a gorgeous face that even look more beautiful without makeup. Ashley's is even prettier with no Shadows, no gloss and also without mascara.

Ashley Greene is best known as Alice Cullen in Twilight Saga Star.

She recently shared her picture on Instagram, where her skin looks dewy and she was with simple topknot hairstyle. We can guess from the pic, she might be heading towards gym for her regular workout.


14. Mila Kunis Without Makeup

Mila Kunis is very popular Hollywood figure who doesn’t prefer makeup all the time. Mila's without makeup selfies are viral in celebrity gossips sites.

You might have gone through the WOW! Looks of Mila Kunis. How many of you are the die-hard fan of her? Do you know she also lies among the 100 sexiest American celebrities?

In an interview with, Mila revealed 'I don’t wear makeup. I don’t wash my hair every day. It’s not something that I associate with myself.'


15. AnnaLynne McCord Without Makeup

AnnaLynne McCord full makeup looks is so flattering. McCord often comes without makeup where her no makeup selfies are hitting popularity in social media. 

It was in the year 2012, she tweeted her photo captioned “I woke up this morning and decided I'm over Hollywood's perfection requirement. To all my girls (and boys) who have”



16. Kylie Jenner Without Makeup

Kylie Jenner was spotted without makeup with boyfriend Travis Scott. Kylie's no makeup selfies on Instagram with brown spots and freckles also prove - she is in favor of her youthful beauty without makeup.

Kylie Jenner is less concerned about makeup. Even in her professional line, she prefers minimalist makeup with normal lipstick and mascara.

She confessed that she likes to keep her natural glow and doesn’t believe in cosmetic that suits her skin. The reality star and cosmetics entrepreneur Kylie sometimes take a break from her routine makeup.

Kylie, the beauty mogul also runs an online cosmetic store called Kylie Cosmetics where she shares her secret beauty tips and bits of advice her fan following in regards to beauty products.


17. Gal Gadot Without Makeup

Gal Gadot recently posted her without makeup picture on her Instagram account. She confessed that she is having a sleepless night after she gave birth to her daughter.

Gadot who is often called 'wonder woman' is basically famous for her flawless skin, bold pout, and sleek hairstyle. However, the source revealed that the picture was posted on her Instagram account, just after 3 months of her pregnancy.

Gal Gadot followed the trends of posting without makeup pic in social media as like Kylie Jenner, Alicia Keys, and Adele.


18. Louise Thompson Without Makeup

Louise Thompson without makeup Images is not quite popular. However, she shared her pic without makeup in her Instagram captioned “No need for hair or makeup when you have a tan, jewels, and pretty underwear”.

Louise is among the hottest British television personality celebrity. She rose to height from her TV series “Made in Chelsea”.



19. Carrie Underwood Without Makeup

Carrie Underwood exposed her without makeup look at the gym after her intense workout. Carrie even captioned her no makeup looks on the Instagram post as "I'm a sweaty mess, but I'm a sweaty mess in an adorable tank!"


Carrie Underwood is a professional country singer, actress & a songwriter who married Canadian hockey player Mike Fisher.

Besides Carrie is caught may time with no makeup looks whether it may be on the beach, or during her vacation period. Also, she believes in minimalist makeup and like to glow in her natural skin.