Hair loss can be quite frustrating for men and women regardless of their age. To treat or avoid something, you must know its root cause. The top causes of hair loss in men and women include:


10. Genetics

If you want to know exactly how your hair will look like in a few years, then you should look at your parents, your uncles, aunts and your grandparents.

The state of their hair should give you a clue about how yours will look at a particular age. Many people lose their hair with age. Some go bald while some type of hair thins out on its own but does not disappear completely.

Genetics are hereditary and therefore influence the state of your hair. You can confirm this if you see a trend where your parents start losing hair at the same time your grandparents did.

Like any other condition or disease, genes make you predisposed to certain family traits such as hair loss. This is also because the size, texture and structure of your hair are influenced by your family line.

You cannot do anything about this cause for hair loss, except take care of your hair while it is still strong.


9. Alopecia

Alopecia is a health condition where you lose your hair. You could lose your edges, your crown or any other patch of hair on your head.

It is often frustrating since you could still suffer from the condition even if you tried to take good care of your hair. Some hair practices like excessive pulling and tight braiding can encourage alopecia.

If you do not want to have hair loss then you should reduce the intensity of handling your hair. If you choose to style it, try not to make it too tight as this will affect your hair in the long run.

The good thing about this cause is that it is treatable. Once a doctor diagnoses the condition, he or she can then prescribe different medication or ways to combat the condition.

With this, you can eliminate different methods of treatment and keep trying until you find a medical solution for your hair loss.


8. Excessive Heat Application

One of the leading causes for hair loss is excessive heat application. Most people enjoy using the hair dryer and the flat iron too much. Straight hair is admired and so people use a lot of styling tools to apply heat to hair and get it as straight as possible.

The problem with this is that is weakens the hair strand. The protein bond in your hair is destroyed and your hair becomes weak and it breaks easily.

Unfortunately, in some cases, you even end up keeping the heat styling tools in your hair so long that it burns the hair off. This destroys the hair follicle as well as the strand.

The solution is to use heat protectant to reduce the amount of heat damage your hair is exposed to. The other solution would be to stop or at least reduce the frequency of using different heat tools for styling.



7. Stress and Anxiety

Stress and anxiety manifest in different ways. The effects are also clearly seen through the body and how it reacts. Stress and anxiety causes a lot of tension on the body and this can manifest physically as hair loss.

The process of hair loss due to life’s pressures is gradual. For some men and women, having your hands or your fingers in your hair is common. The frequency is higher when you are under a great deal of stress or anxiety.

This constant hair touching can lead to weakened strands and damaged follicles making it easier for your hair to fall off. To stop hair loss induced by stress, you need to deal with the trigger, the core of the problem and not the symptom.

Although hair care should be a priority, the most effective solution is to find a way to relax and reduce your level of stress or anxiety.


6. Wrong Hair Products

Every type of hair has products that work best on it. If you need shampoo, conditioner, protein treatment or curling butters and gels, you should use ones that your hair responds to.

If your strands need moisture, find a moisture-rich conditioner. If they need strength, use the best protein treatment. Hair chemicals cannot be forgotten. They play a big role in people’s hair loss.

The use of relaxers changes your hair texture and sometimes burns your scalp, damaging the follicles. Certain dyes also have the same effect on hair. They lead to extra dry strands which then easily break off.

The solution to this cause of hair loss is to find the products that work best for your hair. Ensure that you give your hair the nutrients it desire.

It is also best to avoid handling dyes and other chemicals on hair. Instead, let your professional hair stylist handle it.


5. Too Much Manipulation

The more you use something, the more wear and tear is experienced. The same theory applies to your hair. The more you manipulate it into certain hairstyles, the easier it is to break off.

Tight hairstyles or those that require a lot of pulling to achieve a sleek look are most notorious. Using the wrong combs can also lead to hair loss. Some combs will snag your hair leading to breakage.

So will various clips. If you are always putting your hair in tight buns and ponytails throughout the day and at night, you will lose hair, starting with your edges.

You should learn to give your hair a break sometimes. Tie it in a ponytail or let it flow without manipulation. Put away those tight hair bands, hair pins and combs for a while.

This will help allow your hair to breathe so it does not break as easily.



4. Weight Loss

Drastic weight loss leads to loss of hair. Your weight loss journey might be a blessing on one front and a curse on the other if it is not carefully followed.

This is why you should consult a dietician, a nutritionist or a doctor before you embark on this journey. When you lose weight drastically, you also drastically reduce the levels of some minerals and vitamins in your body.

The effect of this is felt across the body. It manifests in hair loss, muscle and bone sensitivity, lightheadedness or tooth sensitivity in some cases. This can ultimately be bad for your health.

The solution to this is to have a healthy weight loss journey. Try your best to eat right and exercise right. Ensure that there is proper intake of all of the vitamins and minerals that your body needs.

This will keep hair loss during weight loss at bay.


3. Poor Diet

Whatever you eat is important for your organs and the functioning of your body. What most people forget is that what you eat shows on the outside through your skin and face.

Hair loss can therefore be temporary and resulting from a poor diet with insufficient nutrients, minerals and vitamins. Protein is important in the structure and strength of your hair.

If you are not getting enough protein in your diet then your hair will be weak and will easily fall out. Keratin, the hair’s building block, is made up of protein.

You therefore need to have a diet that caters to your protein requirements. Excessively taking vitamin A can also cause hair loss.

If your body is not able to assimilate or synthesize the nutrients present in food, then a solution would be to include vitamins and supplements in your diet.

Some of the most popular supplements used in hair care include biotin, closely followed by iron and zinc.


2. Hormonal Changes and Birth Control Pills

For women, growth hormones play a role in hair care. Some hormonal changes will encourage breakage and ultimately hair loss. It can be very frustrating to have the best hair care regimen only for your hair to keep falling out.

This can also be caused by birth control pills altering your hormone levels. Postpartum shedding is very popular in women. Once you have given birth and are nursing the child, you might experience a lot more breakage with your hair, which leads to significant hair loss.

It may not lead to complete baldness but you would be able to notice volume reduction. The best way to counter the effects of hormonal changes is to feed your body with the nutrients it deserves and keep a hair care regimen.

If this does not seem to work, then you can see a doctor. A professional would be better when it comes to balancing your hormones.



1. Medical Treatment

Certain diseases do not lead to hair loss. However, the treatment pursued in order to rid you of the disease can easily encourage hair loss. Chemotherapy and radio therapy are some of the most common treatments for cancer.

They entail the use of chemicals and rays to kill the cancer cells. These two methods of treatment lead to hair loss. They weaken your body’s immune system drastically which also means that the nutrients in your body are not at the optimal level.

You cannot counter these effects while you are undergoing treatment since focus is on healing and not saving your hair. For this case, people opt to get wigs. They allow you to have hair when you are out of the house or the hospital.

Wigs also give your hair follicles and strands time to recover as it grows back. They help by encouraging low manipulation as you work on eating well and feeding your body with the required nutrients.