Yvette Prieto

Divine and heavenly beauty Yvette Prieto born on March 1979 is a Cuban-American model. She first rose to grand prominence after she began dating legendary basketball star, Michael Jordan. She married him last year on April 27, 2013. Before, she became labeled as a star wife she pretty much had her independent career going on for her. However, that never took a major flight. Despite working with some incredible and talented people of Fashion world, she couldn’t become a Super Model as she had hoped for. Among the multiple designers she has modeled with, Alexander Wang also is the one. In spite of her irresistible sex appeal and spectacular good looks, Yvette couldn’t make a colossal name for her. However, much of that changed later on. Since 2008, she got into a controversial relationship with NBA legend, Michael Jordan. Fifteen years of age difference and the fact that he had only ended his marriage a year back, made splashes of headlines everywhere about their budding romances. But the knuckleheads won’t give up; they continued their affair and the year later moved in together.

Native from Cuba, the former model has the background of studying business management before she embarked on an illustrious modeling career. Out of her short lived career, she has managed to create an estimated net worth of $ 1.5 million which might not sound like a lot but this what she could gather. Yvette has suddenly become everyone’s favorite, especially Paparazzi. She’s photographed everywhere she goes. MJ’s fans and admirers have an aroused curiosity to know more about his new girl. For this reason, tabloids hunt her like mad men to get more scoops about her life. Ever since, Michael Jordan proposed to her, she most instantly became some sort of a celebrity. People are starting to recognize her more. An affair shared with an NBA fable has definitely made her an overnight sensation. Yvette and MJ got engaged on 2011 and they exchanged their “I do’s” two years later on a Mega ceremony. She looked absolutely out of this world on her Big Day. At present, she’s expecting their first child together. For MJ, however it won’t be the first experience of fatherhood. He and his ex-wife have three grown children; Marcus, Jeffrey and Jasmine.

Speaking of her previous life biography, MJ’s not the only man that she had ever dated. Previously, she had a relationship with another boyfriend named Julio Iglesias Jr. who was the elder brother of Spanish musician Enrique Iglesias. Since, their romance couldn’t work out; the two parted their ways for good. That decision of Yvette couldn’t have become any better since she found MJ as her beloved husband. Soon, they are set to become parents to twin girls which they are highly excited about. We wish her the best for her times to come.

She’s one firecracker that could turn heads everywhere she’d go. Surprisingly, she has reached her mid thirties, but she hardly looks her age. It’s fabulous how she had maintained her youthful look throughout these years. She looks lot hotter for MJ and many a times, detractors critic her as a gold digger. She could have easily found much better looking guy and someone of her age, but she went for an older and filthy rich man. However, she dismisses these accusations. Yvette has found true love with her husband and wants it to stay that way. Five feet and six inches, Yvette’s got one toned bod. Looks like, she’s done massive work to achieve that suave look. Besides, she’s a fashionista too. Every time, she steps out to the world, she’s spotted wearing the trendiest of clothes. Also her hair and makeup adds subtly to her natural beauty. No wonder, she manages to appear super hot on every picture.

Details about her can be obtained from wiki and other personal sites relating her. However, she does not have her independent Wikipedia where readers could go and extract information about the hot babe. It’s possibly under reconstruction. Some trivia about the lady, she was born at Cuba. However, her family moved her to Florida after her birth and that’s where she had grown up. Year 2002, she had struggled with bad finances and it took her two entire years to come out of it. Now since, she has tied knots with one extremely rich man, finance problems again arising remains at bay. 

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