Vivian Brown

Born Vivian Brown, grew up in Greenville, MS, is an eminent American television weathercaster. Vivian was born to a parent William Brown and Dr. Rejohnna Brown. Her father’s occupation was coaching in college track while her mother was a reputed college professor. Brown’s direct ancestor is originally from Africa. Vivian Brown has been part of the weather channel for approximately twenty five years. Since her affiliation with the cable weather outlet, she has shed light on every major weather event. Her reportage of storms and inclement weather is characterized by rich imagination and a detailed critical inspection. Thus it shows that what it really takes to an African American woman to occupy such position.

Since from the earliest period, she was naturally inclined towards the scientific discipline. She was fond of studying science and math. Aside from achieving a status of the bona fide pupil, Brown had also engaged her interest in track and field events. The later periods of her life were greatly influenced and shaped by her childhood experience. During the dawn of her existence, she developed a keen perception and became more intense to draw a fine distinction about weather condition. Brown attended Jackson State University to complete her graduation. While in there, she seized a full athletic scholarship. Although a number of colleges offered her, but it was her choice to be a member of Jackson State University. It became a default option for her because in the rest colleges, she could not collect a degree in meteorology. Throughout her college years, she competed and excelled in track and field events. In 1984, she held the fifth position on the entire planet in the 50 yard footrace run. Lately, she was placed ceremoniously in the Jackson State University. Despite such an extraordinary accomplishment, Brown is reported to have said that she never looked for serious athletic ambition.

 During the course of her research project at Georgia School of Technology in 1986, she landed in Atlanta while she was still in the senior year in college that year. The project involved examining the various ions of the acid rain and matching these ions with other atmospheric phenomenon such as speed & direction of wind, intensity and duration of rain etc. Once she collected her B.S degree, she made her way to the weather channel national headquarter. In an entire Jackson State, she was the only one meteorology graduate. During the early period of her service on the weather channel, Brown contributed as a product specialist. Around 1986, she was assigned a duty as a broadcast apprentice. Vivian’s direct participation in such particular course of action helped her to get the picture of the real world working environment. Subsequently, she was handed a responsibility as an on camera meteorologist. Throughout her tenure, Brown has provided viewers with most exciting weather news. She has covered the live from cataclysms cyclones to violent snowstorms.

The gorgeous black beauty weather forecaster is now at the age of 48. Vivian has a perfect body measurement of 24-26-36 with a combined beautiful and toned up legs & feet. Brown stands five feet and eleven inches tall in height. She is a married woman and Vivian Brown has two children and husband.

With her extraordinary endeavor, Brown has earned a reputation as a noteworthy broadcast meteorologist. She has been consociated with a reputed social organization such as Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, the National Weather Association and the American Meteorological Society. Her distinct contribution to the field caused her to rightfully hold Television Seal of Approval from The National Weather Association and The American Meteorological Society.

Although the popular, informative sites like Wiki has not given an account of her life, but other biographical sites like and the official website of the weather channel has presented her well framed biography. Vivian Brown can also be followed on twitter at Vivian Brown (@vivianbrown).

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