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Veteran singer Vince Hill dominated the United Kingdom charts throughout the 1960s with his pleasing voice and internationally popular songs. One of the most popular English traditional pop singer and songwriter has delivered a number of chart topping singles, including 1967’s “Edelweiss”. Vince ventured into the solo career after earning fame as a band member of the established singing group called “The Raindrops” along with Johnny Worth and Jackie Lee. With his hit records, celebrated concerts as well as television and radio series, Vince earned national and international reputation that paved him way to the bigger musical arena i.e. multiple successful tours in the United States of America, including a slew of sell-out concerts along with Florida Symphony Orchestra. Extending his professional territory, Vice tried his luck in acting as well as writing. He has released six albums till date.

The future star Vince Hill started the journey of his life on 16th of April 1937 in Coventry, England, United Kingdom. Seventy eight years old Vince is British by Nationality. Despite the fact that he spent more than five decades of his life in the limelight very less is known regarding is personal life. Moreover nothing regarding his early life had been published. However it is a known fact that, Vice is a happily married man. He is spending a blissful life with his beloved wife Anne and their son Athol in Lower Shiplake. Collaborating with Nick Charles MBE, he penned an autobiography titled “Another Hill to Climb”. One of Vince’s most recent tours was titled “I’M Still Standing Show” due to his battle with fatal cancer. Whenever he gets free time, he loves to enjoy his hobbies, such as sailing with his beloved wife, boating, gardening, painting and cooking. Though already seventy eight years old, Vincew has not tried any artificial surgeries to retain his youthful looks till date. Kind hearted Vince can be spotted in a number of charity events, lending his supporting hands.

Vince Hill began carving his name in the musical arena in 1952, at age fifteen, playing at the local clubs and pub. However he decided to pursue full time singing after being invited by the National Service in the mid-fifties. He performed along with a band called Royal Corps of Signals. Relocating to London, he became part of the Teddy Foster’s big group, however he turned to the pop music in 1960 after joining a vocal group titled “The Raindrops”, featuring Johnny Worth and Jackie Lee. Though the band was gaining considerable amount of success, Vince decided to venture in solo career. Shortly after quitting “The Raindrops”, he began getting his own success when his track, “The River’s Run Dry” earned some fame in summer of 1962. The following year, he took part in A Song for Europe. He spent another few years in the industry without tasting success. Vince’s first song to make into Top 20 WAS “Take Me To Your Heart Again”. His cover of “La Vie En Rose” reached to number thirteen in 1996. In the summer 1967, his single “Roses of Picardy” reached at number thirteen in the charts. Further noteworthy sings that Vince recorded include “Merci Cherie”, “Heartaches”, “Edelweiss”, “Love Letters in the Sand”, “The Importance of Your Love”, “Doesn’t Anybody Know My Name?”, “Little Blue Bird” and “Look Around (And You’ll Find Me There)”. Till date, he has recorded six albums. His first album was “At The Club” which was followed by “Edelweiss” which climbed at number twenty three on UK Albums Chart. His third album was “Always You and Me”. After leaving Columbia Records, he signed with EMI which released his fourth album “The Other Side of Me” in 1973. He dropped his fifth album “The Sweetest Sounds of Rodgers and Hammerstein” through EMI. In 1978, he released his latest album titled “That Loving Feeling” through K-tel.  Unfortunately the net worth of this legendary singer has not been revealed yet. To know him more closely, his fans may follow him in his twitter account. For more information, please visit wiki.                                                                  

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