Born on June 3, 1960 Tracy Grimshaw is an Australian journalist currently employed as the host of “A current affair” on Australian network. Besides, she had former experience of working as the co-host of “Today” for nine years. Born and brought up from Melbourne, Victoria she had always aspired to become a famous person.

Today, she has become one but most parts of it for wrong reasons. She’s considered one of the controversial personalities of television. Often, she makes very scandalous headlines. Over the years, she has created some haters but she’s on the determination to go far end. Extremely ambitious starting a kid’s age, she changed her career aspirations several times while growing up. However, she later settled for the career as a journalist. Her career began right after completion of graduation. She undertook a job of a reporter at “National Nine News” (1981) in Melbourne. From thereon, she got her start to her never ending career innings. In 1985, she began presenting news bulletin and by 1987 she was assigned to host the “National Nine Morning News”.

Throughout 90s, she reported on many external and overseas events for the Nine Network. Besides, around that time she also began working as a reporter for “A Current Affair”. In 1995, she was made the co-anchor of “The Midday Show” alongside David Reyne.  That same year, she also became the host of “Today on Saturday”. Next year, even better opportunity swung by since she got appointed as the co-presenter of “Today”, a position she held on to for nine long years. Starting 2006, she has begun hosting “A current affair”.  Although steadily, but definitely her career got on board to a right track. No matter what duty got assigned to her, Tracy accomplished them. Every year, she only got better. At one time, she had become such phenomenal that every network wanted to have her. However, that seemed to have gone over her head. Over accomplishment made her behave differently. She’s today mostly known for her abusive language and ill-manners. No wonder, many Australian’s get offended by her out large behaviors but somehow the network she’s currently working with don’t look capable enough to let her go. She has had dozens of unpleasing acts over the years.

Already 53 and much scandalous diva, Tracy has had both highs and lows career wise. It is said that she has undergone plastic surgery to enhance and retain her youthful charm. She has had eye and lip surgery. Although she’s aging every year, it’s commendable how great she looks for her age. She has done a really fabulous work of maintaining her beauty and charm. Not only she has pretty looks, but she’s got one hot body too. At 5’10, she has a perfect height and gorgeous figure to get her going. However, after her mum’s death she has put on some weight. Nevertheless, she looks no less charming. About her sexuality however, she has recently only announced that she’s gay to everyone. She has had some numerous girlfriends and admits that she loves making relationships with new partners.

Speaking about her personal life biography, it is speculated that she was once married to one of the legendary chefs, Gordon Ramsay. Unfortunately, the relationship fell short briefly after since the two fought and had arguments a lot. Tracy and her husband couldn’t last their marriage for long and divorced. As of now, she’s single meaning she has not tied knots to anyone. Details about her can be found from wiki and other personal sites relating her. She remains close to her viewers through social networking sites too. Looking at her career graph, she has had some great memories and some bad ones. One of the Australia’s most powerful journalists Tracy says that to become successful here one has to learn to be extremely dedicated and persistent. She’s one heck of a reporter Australia has ever seen. No wonder, she has had some amazing fortunes to keep her happy. Unfortunately, none of the sources has unveiled her total amount of net worth.


  • June 3, 1960
  • Australian
  • Journalist
  • Gordon Ramsay
  • yes
  • Melbourne, Australia
  • Married
  • N/A
  • Tracy Grimshaw
  • White
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