Tracy Grimshaw is an Australian journalist who is anchoring for Nine Network. Tracy Grimshaw is the anchor of “A Current Affair” and previously, co-anchored “Today”. She also appeared in an award-winning show “The Midday Show” as a co-host in 1995.

Quick Info:

  • Birthday: 3 June 1960 (Age 57)
  • Ethnicity: White
  • Nationality: Australian
  • Profession: Journalist


Family and Personal Life

Tracy Grimshaw has very suspicious and scandalous love life though she is single now. She is also believed to be married to renowned chef Gordon Ramsay earlier.

Tracy was born in Melbourne, Australia. Her father was a graphic designer whereas her mother used to work as a bank teller.  Barbra Grimshaw died on 7 September 2011 due to lung cancer. She has two brothers; one is eight years older than her and next is eight years younger.

Quick Info:

  • Parents: Barbara Grimshaw (Mother)
  • Husband: N/A
  • Children: N/A
  • Marital Status: Unmarried

Growing up in Melbourne, she attended school in her hometown and later completed her university education. She wanted to become a veterinary doctor still that time but her passion charged when her old English literature tutor rebuked her for not pursuing a career as a journalist.

Tracy Grimshaw is a rumor to be married to Gordon Ramsay though the legendary chef is married to Tana Ramsay since 1996. It is said that Tracy and Ramsay separated after getting into arguments several times.

57 years old anchor doesn’t have any children however, she is a mother of an adopted son who is all grown up now. There are people who believe that she is lesbian mostly after Ramsay bullied her calling “lesbian” and “ugly, fat pig” publicly in 2009. While she hadn’t come with any official claims about her sexual orientation.


Body Measurements and Lifestyle

Tracy Grimshaw is rich, attractive and ostensibly ageless with a bold personality. Some sites also say that’s she has gone through plastic surgery to hide her increasing age.

Tracy Grimshaw has body measurements of 38-29-40 inches with the alluring curvy body. She has magically maintained her skin and health still in this age when most of the women suffer from several diseases and aging depressively. She regularly goes for an evening walk and performs light exercises to manage stay fit and healthy.

Quick Info:

  • Height: 5 Feet 6 Inches (1.67m)
  • Body Measurements: 38-29-40 Inches
  • Plastic Surgery: Yes
  • Weight: 74 KG (163 lbs.)

The scandalous brunette has a charming smile and adorable grayish eyes. She weighs 74 kilos and has a height of 5 feet 6 inches. It is also reported that she went through plastic surgery to tighten her skin around eyes and reshape lips.

Tracy is intensely in love with animals since her childhood who planned to be a botanical scientist. She also owns a horse and a dog and enjoys horse riding leisure. She is enjoying her single life and loves spending time with her family and close friends. Besides, she also cherishes reading fictions, traveling and wine-tasting.


Professional Career

Tracy Grimshaw is serving for National Nine News since 1981 starting as a reporter. During her tenure at the network, she has co-anchored various well-received show and reported major international issues.

Right after her graduation, Tracy started her career as a correspondent for National Nine News in 1981. She was given to anchor news bulletins later in 1985 and after two years, promoted as a host of National Nine Morning News. She also covered overseas stories in the early 1990s for the network.

Career Timeline:

  • 1981: Joined National Nine Networks as a reporter
  • 1987: Became anchor for “National Nine Morning News”
  • 1995: Co-anchored “The Midday Show”
  • (1996-2005): Co-anchored “Today” until being replaced by Jessica Rowe
  • (2006-Present): Presenter of "A Current Affair"

She also primarily reported for “A Current Affair” and presented the show during the non-rating period in summer. She began hosting “The Midday Show” alongside David Reyne in 1995. Subsequently, she anchored “Today on Saturday” as well as “Animal Hospital”.

From 1996 to late 2005, Tracy anchored “Today” along with Steve Liebmann and Karl Stefanovic. Replacing Ray Martin, she was announced as a host of “A Current Affair”, began to on-air from 30 January 2006. Apart from that, she interviewed survivors of Beaconsfield Mine disaster, Todd Russell and Brant Webb in May 2006 in a two-hour special production “The Great Escape”.

One of the most prominent Australian journalists also has few scandals including walking drunk and shirtless at Crown Casino during the after party of Logie Awards in 1998.


Net Worth and Salary 2018

Tracy Grimshaw is being paid lucrative salary as a highly celebrated journalist of Australia. She has been working over three decades for National Nine Network that has certainly peaked her net worth through the roof.

Tracy Grimshaw’s salary is $650K per annum as per Daily Telegraph 2015 reports. She is paid much lesser than her male co-anchor Karl Stefanovic. She has accumulated immense net worth as a perk of being a major journalist of Nine covering various issues and anchoring prime-time shows.

Quick Info:

  • Salary: $650K (Annually)
  • Net Worth: N/A