Spotted dick is sweet and salty dish made from the fat of beef or mutton containing some dry fruits as flavor and it is delicious when is taken with cream and egg yolk. This dish is often served as dessert after the main course meal. The word spotted came from the spot made on the dish by the dry food specially raisins. The word dick means thick in German language and believed it came from there. The dick has another meaning in this food as the dog Dalmatian has spot and is considered for the origin of word dick. The origin of this dish is considered to be in 18th century as by the oxford dictionary. And later the name was changed to spotted Richard as the word dick is little uneasy to speak as it also the name for genital organ. But the original remained unchanged. The recipe for the dish is different in different parts of the world but the main and original recipe of spotted dish is listed below.


Ingredients and the recipe:

The ingredients of spotted dick are as follows- self raising flour, salt, fat of beef or mutton, raisins or currants, sugar, lemon, orange, milk and custard for serving.

Firstly mix the flour and salt in a bowl after that add fat of beef or mutton as you like and currants, raisins, sugar, lemon and orange powder. And then pour milk and stir it well until it becomes thick and smooth. Make a shape of roll and then bind it like a pipe and stitch it loosely as it gets swollen. Then boil it in the steamer for 2 hours. And after that unfold the spotted dick let it become cool and serve with custard and other ingredients as you wish to.


Likely to spotted dick the sponge pudding is also a type of dessert serves in substitution to spotted dick. It is has light and swollen sponge type of cake which is sweet in taste and usually are homemade because of the traditional way of making the cake in UK. These cakes are not in similar to the factory cake and are not as pastry. And another ingredient is golden colored soup which is served with sponge pudding. It is as spotted dick but do not contain raisins and fat of mutton or beef. It is also served with custard as spotted dick. The Heinz is the traditional factory of spotted dick and sponge pudding all over the UK and it is famous for its product. It is the main pudding served in UK and is liked by the Englishmen.



 The custard is the main part of spotted dick as it is served with custard. Without custard the spotted dick is not complete. So let us know how this custard is made. The ingredients of custard are as follows- milk, cream, vanilla extract, eggs yolk, sugar, flour of corn. Then the cooking starts firstly mix the cream, milk and vanilla well and heat in low temperature and then remove vanilla and mix it with sugar. Then in other side mix the yolk, sugar, flour of corn until they are mixed well. Now mix the milk, yolk, sugar. Now heat the mixture well until it becomes thick. Let the golden colored dish be cool and serve for spotted dick.



Actually the spotted dick and sponge pudding are desserts. The meaning of dessert is a sweet dish served after having main course meal. Usually the desserts are sweet in taste. And the spotted dick and sponge pudding are also taken as dessert as they are sweet in taste and light to eat. This food is liked by Englishmen as it is originated from UK and it occupies important place in food list of the people. This is also called non vegetarian food as it contains fat from beef or mutton in it.

Despite of the origin from UK the food is now famous all over the world due to its taste and lightness when it is eaten. But there is no doubt in saying that the original food make in UK has more better taste then that of made in other parts of world.