Extremely charming and gorgeous Soledad O’Brien born on September 19, 1966 is an American broadcast journalist, executive producer and a philanthropist. She’s one of the strongest TV personalities ever. At 47, she’s achieved distinguished accomplishments. Born to an Australian mechanical engineering professor father and an Afro-Cuban mother, Soledad’s parents had to fly to a different place altogether since they’d done an interracial marriage. Both of them moved to Long Island community of St. James after marriage where Soledad was born and raised. Graduate from Smithtown High School East, Soledad used to be one ambitious and focused kid. She used to be an outstanding student. She never cared for any distractions. She had long while back figured her ambition. Her career objective was to become a journalist and she remained focused on that aspiration of hers. However, she cut back on her graduation to commence on her first job. After years of spending time pursuing broadcasting career, year 2000 she completed her graduation from one of the reputed Universities ever, Harvard.

  • September 19, 1966
  • American
  • Journalist
  • Bradley Raymond (m. 1995)
  • 5'5"
  • No
  • St. James, New York, United States
  • Sofia Elizabeth Raymond, Cecilia Raymond, Jackson Raymond, Charles Raymond
  • Married
  • 5 Million USD
  • 1.5 million USD per year
  • Soledad O'Brien
  • Wiki, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube

She’s one of the prominent faces of News Media today. Over the years, she’s accomplished some great success. Simply put, her accomplishment has reached an unmatched territory. But then, speaking of how she first got started here, Soledad made her career move in radio doing a medical talk show “Second Opinion” in Boston in 1989. Around that time, she also started working on TV too. She commenced her broadcasting career at WBZ TV in Boston as an associate producer and news writer. From there, she moved to San Francisco where she joined NBC and served the network as their local reporter and bureau chief for 3 years. At NBC, she got to anchor numerous shows including weekend morning show “The Site”, “Weekend Today with David Bloom” “Today Show” and so on. Her alliance at NBC however came to an end at 2003 when she moved to CNN. Initially, she was taken on board to co-anchor network’s morning program “American Morning”. However, she got replaced by Kiran Chetry around 2007 due to the massive drop in show’s ratings. However, she continues to work with CNN, mainly hosting one-off special documentaries. Since 2011, she had started appearing on CNN’s “Starting Point” as their anchor. However, she left that show last year on February 21, 2013.

Speaking of her personal life biography, she is married to Bradley Raymond since 1995. He’s a co-head of investment banking at Thomas Wiesel Partners. Duo has remained together for such a long time. Together, they’re the proud parents of four children; two daughters named Sofia and Cecilia and two sons named Charles and Jackson. Looking at her family ties, it looks as though she’s got one strong bond out there. Her marriage with her husband proved out to be the best decision she ever made. She found a man who not only loved her but also gave her such wonderful and adorable kids to go back home to. She and her husband are nowhere likely to divorce and end a beautiful home they had built over the years. We wish her the best for the times to come ahead. Soledad found success both at personal and professional front. She’s beautifully balancing out her work. Mother and a strong headed person, Soledad today has the estimated net worth of $ 5 million. Every years, she’s earning a salary of $1 .5 million.

Other details about Soledad can be obtained from wiki and other personal sites relating her.  Besides, she’s one avid user of social networking sites. Her admirers and viewers can get to know her better by becoming her follower at these various sites including twitter, face book, blogs and so on. Some interesting and fun information about her, she belongs to mixed ethnicity. She’s five feet and five inches. Despite motherhood, Soledad has maintained her charm throughout these years. It’s because of her fabulous and fit body; she does not absolutely look her age.  Gorgeous and charismatic, Soledad believes she’s here to work and be the best she can be. She has also received several awards and recognitions for her work which makes her distinguished and so admirable among the rest.


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