The very beautiful and stunning Se Cupp is a political commentator and an author for non-fiction books. Born on February 23, 1979, at Carlsbad, California she was named Sarah Elizabeth “S.E.” Cupp at birth. The only daughter of her parents, she was raised in Andover, MA. She belongs to American nationality. She holds Bachelor’s degree in Arts from Cornell University.

Later, she received Master of Arts from the Gallatin School of Individualized Study at New York University. She was raised Catholic but now she considers herself an atheist.

Her career started back in 2002, as a writer and editor for one of the most prestigious American daily newspaper, The New York Times. After which, she’s never looked back and she has been accomplishing great heights in her career.

She has made guest appearances in the wide array of shows including CNN, Fox’s Hannity, Fox & Friends, America Live with Megyn Kelly and many more. The truth is that, she is an excellent writer. Her writings have appeared in major newspapers and news based online websites. Her popularity among her fans as an author speaks volume about her success.

She has worked with numerous organizations. In 2009, she was hired by Daily News as their columnist. She worked there for two years and then left. In 2011, she joined Mercury Radio Arts, American Multimedia Production Company.

She was hired as a writer and commentator for the same. In 2012, she started hosting the show titled The Cycle for MSNBC. But she quit the show a year later after being announced as a host for CNN’s new version of Crossfire which was scheduled to relaunch in 2013. She has always supported homosexuality and gay marriages.

She’s got an amazing personality. She stands tall at five feet and eleven inches. She is just beautiful to look at. Her columns and her anchoring skills on-air have won her true admirers throughout America.

She is associated with television, thus the responsibility lies on her to look after her appearances. She has done fantastic job with that. Her spectacles have sort of set a trend in the industry. She is mostly seen opting for sunglasses during her television appearances. One of the few people, who manage to look outstanding in her formal, wears too. She chooses outfit that shows off her beautiful curves and her sexy pair of long legs.

She is thirty four years of age. She has found her soul mate in her long term boyfriend, John Goodwin, who is destined to become her husband. He is the former chief staff to Raul Labrador. The pair met at 2008 Republic Convention.

They bonded well and fell in love instantly. She and John started seeing each other from 2011 and got engaged in 2012. They probably will get married within couple of months. They have not revealed the date for their Big Day. They both look happy with each other. The two are in the similar profession, so it becomes sort of easy to understand each other’s professional commitments and hardships. So, it’s less likely for them to divorce after marriage, however, future cannot be predicted. She does not have any children yet.

She is doing fairly well for herself. Her employers seem happy with her performance. They are paying her good amount of salary. Her total estimated net worth is unknown. To add some trivia about her, she has published two books titled “Why you’re wrong about the right” and “Losing our religion: The liberal Media’s attack on Christianity”. Her biography can be obtained from Wikipedia for her readers and viewers.