Sasha Barrese | Biography

Sasha Barrese is one of the lovable celebrities in America who is progressively rising up the celebrity ranks in the film industry. She is an up and coming Hollywood film actress who is most popularly known as Tracy Billings of The Hangover movies. She has also starred in a few television shows as a guest star. The actress was born on April 24, 1981.

Sasha Barrese was born in Maui, Hawaii. Her birth name is Alexandra Barrese and her mother is Katherine Barrese who is a talented actress herself. Her mother was dedicated towards her education and made sure she attended quality private schools. Katherine has had a huge influence in Sasha’s acting career and her personal life. She was just a teenager when she gave birth to Sasha. Sasha along with her mother moved to France where Katherine worked as a model. The actress gained much of her early experience in modeling from her mother. The mother-daughter duo is currently living in Beverly Hills, California. The Hangover star likes to keep her personal relationships private as no rumors or speculations about her dating history have been revealed. She is not married yet and is reportedly expecting to be a mother to twins.

The actress had a good education in private schools thanks to her dedicated mother. She went to Provo Canyon School and studied in Ojai Private School as a pre-teen in Ojai Valley where she graduated from in 1995. She attended high school in Tabor Academy and graduated in 1999. The actress is most admired for her performance in the 2009 comedy, The Hangover. She portrayed the role of Tracy Garner opposite Justin Bartha. She reprised her role in the sequels to the commercially successfully movie, The Hangover Part II and The Hangover Part III as Tracy Billings wife to Justin Bartha’s character in the movie. While she was still a student, she followed her mother’s footsteps into modeling and became a model for brands like Guess?, Elite and NEXT Agency. Before modeling professionally, she had already appeared in two movies with her mother. Her debut film with Katherine Barrese was Homer and Eddie which was released in 1989. She starred as a younger version of her mother’s character in Jezebel’s Kiss in 1990. A few years later she was seen in the hit blue comedy, American Pie, as Courtney in 1999 and the same year she appeared as a guest star in the sitcom, Boy Meets World. From 2000 to 2002, the actress continued to appear in supporting roles in movies like Dropping Out, Hellraiser: Inferno, Legally Blonde, Undressed, The Ring and Paranormal Girl. In 2002, she was seen as Tess in 3 episodes of Just Shoot Me. One of her important roles was playing Sally Franklin on The WB sitcom, Run of the House. She played the role for eighteen episodes in 2003. A year later she was seen in LAX as Caitlin Mansfield for nine episodes. CSI: Miami and Drive also featured her as a cameo appearance in 2006 and 2007 respectively. In 2007, she played small roles in television shows like Carpoolers and Supernatural. In 2010, she was seen in horror movie Let Me In and in 2013 in an episode of TNT’s drama, Leverage. The actress is associated with Kritzer Levine Wilkins Griffin Nilon Entertainment.

The actress has played a number of different roles in her career and now is aspiring to be a professional poker player. She has played in several poker tournaments inside America and is preparing to compete at the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas in 2014. She revealed that since childhood she had been playing all sorts of game including poker and now is seriously considering becoming a professional at the game. Growing up she extensively played board games for money.

Sasha Barrese is a rising film and television actress who received much fame for her appearance in the hit movie franchise, The Hangover. She played the role of Tracy Garner and also reprised her role as Tracy Billings in the The Hangover Part II and The Hangover Part II. She is admired for her charm and gorgeous looks and is expected to take on many more acting roles in the future.

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