Sara Walsh

The lovely Sara Walsh is an American sportscaster. She is currently working for ESPN. She joined the network in 2010. Born on April 12, 1978, she is the daughter of John and Wendy Walsh. Her parents raised her in Tampa Bay area. Her father was a total sports fanatic and thus, the gene sort of got transferred to his daughter. She was not like regular young girls interested with Barbie and girly thing; instead, she followed sports channel with her dad, and grew up playing with neighborhood guy friends. She attended Gulf High School and later graduated from University of North Florida.  


She entered Gulf during her student years. She excelled with sports game. She was one athlete to watch out for. She demonstrated outstanding performances in volleyball, soccer and track. She always had aspired to become a sports broadcaster. She was extremely passionate about her dream. In order to pursue her goal, she started at WUSA-TV in Washington. She worked there as their weekend sports anchor and covered four seasons for Redskins. And in 2010, she sent her audition tape to ESPN and they immediately hired her as their new sportscaster. She got to host several programs for the network including “SportsCenter”, “SportsNation”, “First Take” and “NFL Live”.


She’s not the conventional pretty looking woman, and she does not even seem to be bothered about that. She loves sport; it’s one of her undying passions. She’s in the industry so as to accomplish her goal of becoming a sports news presenter. And fortunately, she got what she wished for. Her entire focus is with her work and not with anything else. She grew up as a tomboy and retains the same personality. However, that does not mean she neglects her profession. She understands the responsibility to look after her appearance since she’s working for television and thus, grooms herself accordingly and wears clothes which are profession appropriate. She stands tall at five feet and five inches. She is of average height but she’s got one amazing body. Because of her athletic background, she’s got the perfectly toned figure. She carries her formal attires with great confidence. She wears outfits that show off her beautiful flat abs and gorgeous long legs in the most elegant manner. She’s one of the few anchors that have a hot bikini body. Whatever, it is she looks good on screen. She somehow manages to look pretty on-air.


The thirty five year old blonde is not married at present. She is all single and enjoying her independent life to the fullest. She does not have a husband. The fact is, she is real secretive about her personal life. She rarely comments about her life’s happenings with media. So, most of her intimate details about her life is not known to the public. But the possibilities of her having a boyfriend and dating someone at present could be there. After all, she’s smart, confident, beautiful and popular, but no report about that has been confirmed yet.


At ESPN, she has discovered her real passion. She gets to present news on sports and interview players. She got to do what she has always loved doing while she grew up. And her employers are paying her good amount of salary to keep her satisfied and loyal to the company. More information about her can be obtained from wiki. Like many Hollywood celebs, she is also on social networking sites. She has a twitter account. Her fans and admirers can follow her at Sara_Walsh and remain up close and personal with her.

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Quick Bio of Sara Walsh

Date of Birth April 12, 1978
Nationality American
Occupation Sportscaster
Height 5' 5" (1.65 m)
Divorce No
Address United States of America
Children No
Marital Status Unmarried
Net Worth N/A
Name Sara Walsh
Ethnicity White
Education At University of North Florida
Online engaged Wiki, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube

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