Sabrina Lloyd | Biography

Globally known as the Wade Welles through the science fiction sitcom, ‘Sliders’, Sabrina Lloyd is one of the appealing and young actresses of the American nationality. As the single child to her parents, she was born on 20th November, 1970 in Fairfax, Virginia of United States. Raised up in the diversified environment of various places including Mount Dora, Florida and Australia, she was interested in extraordinary activities from her childhood days.  Being an honorable personality in the American entertainment industry, she currently resides in Los Angeles, California.

Enlightening the personal life of this talented persona, she is currently married to UN worker, Ross Smith. The couple has been sharing the long term and cordial conjugal life since 1997. Thinking love and marriage as the scared things, this Hollywood cutie hasn’t been found to be romantically linked with any man except her husband. Divorce is a word that doesn’t exist to this eternally loving duo. Mother of a child, Sabrina hadn’t given birth by herself. However, she had adopted a loving daughter while she was in Uganda with her cute prince during 2009. Though her mesmerizing beauty and prettiness had grabbed the attention of many popular men, she had never compromised her personal life with anyone’s attraction that has reflected her spirituality.

Sabrina had simply begun her career at the age of 13, gaining a role in Mount Dora’s production, ‘Annie’. Continuation to her efforts to make her childhood dreams true was given with the role in other local theatre’s productions such has ‘Bystreet Players’, Crimes of the Heart’, ‘Wizard of Oz’ and ‘Grease’. Focusing on her childhood fascination to the acting sector, she had taken the acting classes at Brisbane Royal Theatre Company. Eventually, moving to New York at the age of 18, she decided to pursue a career in film. Subsequently, she got a guest role in an episode of the series ‘Law and Order’ that was noted by many audiences. Finally signing with the new talent agent, she began to score plentiful of opportunities in the movies and TV sitcoms. As of her first creditable role, she played in ‘Chain of Desire’, which was followed by her starring character in comedy drama movie ‘Father Hood’. One of the original 4 character of the sci-fi television sitcom, ‘Sliders’, Sabrina has been claimed to much more fame from the same series. Working as Wade Welles from 1995 to 1997, her fans are still recognizing her for the mesmerizing performance in the show. After the ‘Sliders’ was finalized, she began co-starring in the ABC drama ‘Sports Night’. As of 2005, she had starred in the first season of the TV sitcom ‘Numb3rs’ as Terry Lake. Her lead role in 2008 independent film entitled ‘Universal Signs’ earned more praise from the viewers. Success started to follow her like a shadow granting several attributes and accolades. Besides television and big-screen, she has extended her work in theatres and music videos. This Screen Actors Guild Award nominee, Sabrina has been in public eye since a decade. Being an in-separable part of the American entertainment industry, she has earned much more worth including both financial and complimentary sector. As of 2014, she has got the estimated net worth of $1 million.

Talking about the hobbies and interest of Sabrina, it has been clear through her highly proficient acting career that acting is her lifelong hobby. Moreover, she has also got interest in singing and being familiar to the musical instruments. Fascinated to play guitar, she has been recording and writing songs with her own music. Animal loving Sabrina has kept two cats named Theodre and Lucy as pets in her house.

Claimed to fame by the series, ‘Sliders’, she has not only contributed as an actress, her other endorsements include, her musical journey. As much far as celebs go, one of the Hollywood legends, Sabrina Lloyd is well-acknowledged to the wide masses. Currently running in her early forties, there are a lot to accomplish by her. Till date this much fame isn’t not a result of other things rather than her strong determination and unbroken exertion. Day-to-day increasing mass of her fans have been providing superfluous courage and gratitude for her work. For detailed biography of this persona, her fans can log on to wiki and other several internet sites.

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