Born in 17 March 1980 Reed Timmer is Meteorologist and Media Personality of America. He is also a professional storm chaser who was featured in Discovery Channel’s reality document namely Storm Chasers. On the series he is seen chasing storm with his Tornado Videos net team with the help of their heavily armored vehicle SRV Dominator. He also is seen in documentary movie Tornado Glory. He was inspired to be Weather man from small age. He once saw live damage of thunderstorm that dropped golf size hailstone in his house which broke his family’s only camera.

He has been awarded with National Championship as he won the tree Identification event of 1996 Science Olympiad. He went to study meteorology at University of Oklahoma in the year 1997. In the same year he got chance to film his first tornado chases. He has earned his B.S. and M.S. from the University of Oklahoma. And in 2010 he applied at the same university for Ph.D. In the year of 2013 he was linked with KFOR-TV 4WARN storm channel team in the post of Storm Spotter of the Channel.  He after filming devastating F5 tornado which attacked Oklahoma in 1999 he was keener about storm chasing. Since then till date he travels more than 50,000 miles per year from Mexican border to Canadian border to film tornados. Till date he has filmed more than 200 storms which can be seen in his personal blog.

Apart from chasing storm he is giving time to complete his Ph.D. In 2003, he commenced Company which continuously works to research and film extreme storms. While shooting for the first season of Storm Chasers they filmed the 300 pound storm settled well in the way of twister in Kansas. This storm was successfully filmed in High Definition Video from inside of the Circulation chamber. After the first season he was highly motivated and inspired to create an armored vehicle to research the tornados. He designed TVN Dominator vehicle which was equipped with mobile radar, and system that could measure the vertical winds of the storm. He then is continuously improving the vehicle to do better research and to survive in extreme conditions. Recently he has upgraded his vehicle size to support Superior aerodynamics. His recent vehicle has the facility of mobile radar, tornado cannons etc. Unfortunately we cannot convey the details regarding his salary and net worth since the info is not found in information site in accurate and adequate manner.

Knowing his private life, this extreme storm chaser has not disclosed his marriage and other personal details in front of media and public. He might have married and have children but he likes to keep his private life secret. As his marital status is not found he is rumored to be gay but he hasn’t spoken about this till date. So let us not talk about his marriage, and divorce issues. He might date someone whom he likes to call his girlfriend.

He has got attractive personality both off and on camera. He looks hot in his shirtless avatar due to his toned physique. His shirtless pictures are found in internet in wide manner. Since his small age he had strong passion for storm. This passion and dedication led him to be one of the famed storm chasers. He has got what he was craving from his small age. He might be idol for many people who want to become storm chaser like him. His storm chasing videos are viewed and liked by millions of people all around. Despite of his well-known personality there is not much information about him in internet.

His short biography can be read in wiki and in other search engines. He is also equally active in social networking site and is easily found if searched thoroughly.


  • March 17, 1980
  • American
  • Meterologist
  • Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States
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  • Reed Timmer
  • White
  • University of Oklahoma
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