Rachel Bilson

Best recognized as Summer Roberts from the prime time drama "The O.C" the very cute Rachel Bilson is an American actress. She's remembered mostly for that role of hers. Since that program turned out to be a hit, Rachel's popularity suddenly grew to another level. By the time, the first season ended, she already had number of tabloids gushing about her. Credit to her stardom undoubtedly belongs to the makers of OC. She has today the estimated net worth of $ 24 million and it's all thanks to the producers who gave her the opportunity. She's native from Los Angeles. Rachel first stepped to the world on August 25, 1981. She was born to a director/producer father. It therefore in a way helped her gaze the entertainment business starting an early age. Besides, her parents also encouraged her to go that direction. A spoilt brat Rachel had an amazing life growing up. Always pampered and celebrated Rachel transformed into a complete trouble maker during her adolescent years. But later after her accident, that all changed.

  • Date of Birth:

    August 25, 1981 (age 32)

  • Height:

    5 Feet 2 Inches

  • Net Worth:

    24 Million USD

  • Married To:


She had long ago started her career as a child artist. It's her parents who had in fact helped her land her first role in the movie "The Wrong Guys". Later on, as she matured, she realized that acting was something she'd want to do forever. Simultaneously, she also continued with her education. By the time, she reached her early twenties, she had already appeared on number of projects, minor though. Year 2003, she made her commercial television debut on "8 Simple Rules" and "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" but only for cameo appearance. But her guest role didn't go unnoticed. Producers and makers caught this vibrant and malicious beauty's attention. And soon after, she got casted as Summer Roberts on the teen drama "The O.C.". Because of the popularity of the show, it lasted for four seasons and gave Rachel multiple awards to boast about. She became an overnight star and a hot subject of gossip among teens. Her movie "The Last Kiss" (2006) and "Jumper" 2008 performed exceedingly well. Her outstanding performance earned her some nominations also. It's not just TV that she's rocked but celluloid too.

After the "O.C" ended she clearly stated that she wanted to do films which she did also but couldn't find the similar luck there. Apart from one or two movie, rest of her pictures failed miserably at box office. So, she had to return to television again. At present, she's working on the CW series "Hart of Dixie". She's casted as the leading character on that show. She plays Dr. Zoe Hart for the same. She's kind of juggling her time both at film and TV. Year 2011, she launched her shoe line.

Rachel unarguably has spectacular good looks. It would be kind of a rude to not notice that. Extremely pretty Rachel combines her trendy outfits and hair dos to create an added drama. She already has amazing features and yet she traumatizes it more to look further stunning. She has a rather small frame. At just five feet and two inch, Rachel looks pretty petite. She does not have envious height. But what she does have is the slim built since her body weight is only forty eight kgs. It's the peer pressure and also a sort of responsibility to maintain oneself to look good on camera. Her bubbly nature and charismatic way on screen has won many hearts. Many adolescents follow her fashion. It creates even more baggage for her. She has to live up to that status cause.

Speaking of her personal life, she's not married and thus does not have a husband. It then pretty much makes clear that Rachel has never faced any traumatic circumstance of divorce ever. However, she's currently in a relationship with her co-actor Hayden Christensen. She and Hayden met on the sets of Jumper. Year 2008, the two even got engaged but ended their engagement on some reasons uncited. Later again, the two began dating. It's not only him she had affairs with. Previously, she was with Adam Broody who also had played her on screen boyfriend on "The O.C". She remained together with Adam until 2006 and then went separate ways. For now, she seems to be enjoying her love life with her present boy toy, Hayden. We wish her the best for their times to come.

Details about her can be obtained from wiki and other personal sites relating her. Besides, like many other celebs she's also on social networking sites. Her fans and admirers can remain up close and personal through them if need be. Some interesting fun information about the starlet, she is the spokesperson for Bonjo Jeans. A fashion lover and a true idol, she loves collecting vintage shoes and purses. 

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