Queen Latifah

An extraordinaire personality Queen Latifah born on March 18, 1970 as Dana Elaine Ownes is probably best recognized as an American rapper, actress, model, television producer and a talk show host. At just aged forty, she has already accomplished world of success. Her estimated net worth of $ 60 million speaks volume about the landmark she has achieved. She’s quite a rare species on the face of the earth. Musical and acting genius, Latifah has raised the bars pretty high for the new comers. Unlike others, she played unapologetic and embarked on every possible entertainment categorical place. Luckily, she never failed. She’s the native from New Jersey. Born to a middle level family, she pretty much had an ordinary life growing up in her hood. However, jazz and funk, musical genre rendered substantial influence on her back then. By the time her adolescent years, she had already contemplated on pursuing on musical career. Considered one of the prominent female hip-hop artists of 90s Latifah made a ground breaking impact when she entered the scene and rose to such prominence where people could have only imagined of.

Queen   Latifah

Year 1989, she broke into the music scene by releasing her debut album “All Hail the Queen”. She had already gained credible amount of local fame when she first stepped out as a commercial record making artist. Consecutively, she continued producing bombarded hot collections year after year. Her third franchise, “Black Reign” first brought media attention. Her songs always had important messages and unlike other rap hustlers, she never recorded any track just for the heck of it. 1995, she even brought a Grammy for her single “U.N.I.T.Y”. She has over the years released a total of seven studio albums. It’s because of her soulful and upbeat rhymes that differentiate her from other emerging performers. It’s no wonder; she’s referred to as a mogul of female rap-genres. Her fame at musical domain remained undisputed. However, she also thought of embracing acting and embarked on a total different direction. 1991, she made her debut on film with “Jungle Fever”. Movie failed to perform outstandingly as expected but ever ambitious Latifah’s one big girl to let failure to get to her. She excel her acting jobs until she found any ground breaking mainstream success.

Year 2002, she finally got what she had waited for so long. Not only had her movie “Chicago” yielded excellent box office reward but also, her performance as Matron “Mama” Morton earned her first Oscar nomination. Overnight, her fate altered. She started getting labeled as a serious performer and not just a “hip-hop queen”. Next year, 2003 she starred opposite Steve Martins of “Bringing down the house” which turned out to be major blockbuster. Year after year, she got on board among talented directors and created some of the hugely critically acclaimed and box office hits. Her most unforgettable and noteworthy movie list would consist names like “Beauty Shop”, “Last Holiday”, “Hairspray” “Just Wright” and many more. She has also spread her magic on TV too. Besides making cameo appearances, she also hosts her independent TV show “The Queen Latifah Show” which premiered since September 16, 2013.

Speaking of her personal life biography, she’s not married yet. She might have reached forties, but the success that surrounds her may have not made her ever feel the need of a companion. She’s therefore not anyone’s wife yet. Speaking of her sexuality, she’s rumored to be gay. After years of battling with dual identity, she finally decided to come clean. Only a year before, she made a public announcement about her being a lesbian. She has had some girlfriends in her past. For now, she’s keeping mum about her relationship status. Latifah can therefore presumably be single. Whatever the reason, we wish her the best for future tomorrow.

Many details about the hip-hop queen can be gathered from wiki and other personal sites relating her. Some interesting insights about the starlet, she belongs to an African-American ethnicity. She might not be the conventional hotties here, but her confidence with her plus sized shape and the way she instinctively flaunts her curves to the world makes her enigmatically desirable and a hot property. Even after reaching such incredible height career wise, she never did anything unnatural to her body to enhance her image. However, she has finally come to the terms of losing some fats from her body. She has recently transformed into more attractive woman after her much talked about weight loss routine.

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Quick Bio of Queen Latifah

Date of Birth March 18, 1970 (age 43)
Nationality American
Occupation singer, songwriter, rapper, actress, model, television producer
Husband N/A
Height 5 Feet 10 Inches
Divorce N/A
Address Newark, New Jersey, United States
Children N/A
Marital Status Married
Net Worth 60 Million USD
Name Dana Elaine Owens
Ethnicity Black
Body Measurements 40-36-45 Inches
Tattoo(s) N/A
Online engaged Wiki, Twitter, Youtube

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