Paul Gardner Allen known as Paul Allen is famous as he was a co-founder of Microsoft with bill gates and apart from this he is also Business tycoon of America, Investor. He and his founded company Vulcan Inc. have many portfolio investments of billions of dollars in Real estate, Technology Company and other media company. And apart from this he also own two of major professional sports team and the teams are Seattle Seahawks which plays under National Football League and Portland Trail Blazers which plays under National Basketball Association and is also the portion owner Seattle Sounders FC which plays under Major League Soccer. Talking about his early business career, he along with bill gates started Microsoft in New Mexico in which the name Microsoft is the concept of Paul Allen and he worked as programming language interpreter of basic level in the initial starting of the company. Later in 1980, they did a great contract with IBM Company to supply Disk Operating System which was the major factor to increase Allen and Bill’s wealth and also the contract was profitable for Microsoft. Later in 1982, he had the symptom of blood cancer called Lymphoma and was luckily was cured after a long treatment of radiation of therapy.


But after this incident he was not seen interested with his post and company as a result he was trying to go far from company. And in 2000, he left the job of Microsoft Board of Director but worked as senior strategy advisor or consultant for the company. And again due to the frustration he sold more than 68 million shares but today also he occupies more than 138 million shares. He diverted himself into philanthropic work as donating for charity and for health and also for science and technological development. His foundation Paul G. Allen family foundation works and monitors the organization working under it and annually it gives more than 30 million dollar as awards and grants and all the money of the foundation goes to non-profitable charity and organization all around United States. Since from the establishment to till date the organization has spent more than 428 million dollar for charity and funds. The work and projects done by the organization includes Experience music project, Seattle Cinerama theatre, flying heritage collection, Allen telescope array and has collaborated with university of California for technological and science development.


He also has bought Jimi Hendrix accessories to keep in the display of Experience music project exhibition. He is well known for his charity work and in addition to above mentioned work he also donated 26 million dollar for animal health around the world and also 18 million dollar to establish the library in university of Washington in the year 2010. Till the date Allen has contributed in many of the charity and university and health sector with millions of dollar and is known to spend his money wisely.  He specially has worked in the field of medical sciences establishing research and treatment project all over the nation. And he has promised to give half of his wealth in the philanthropic cause and has signed in The Giving Pledge.


 Apart from this his other investment includes interval Research Corporation, spacecraft, south lake union, and also own yacht named octopus with is one of the largest and luxurious yacht which was made in 2003 and has two helicopter, two submarine, a swimming pool, basketball court and even a music studio and he also has another yacht named tattoos which is also among 100 largest yacht of world and also he has numbers of property estate and homes all around the globe with are highly luxurious, expensive and covers huge amount of land.  Apart from all these investment, he is also in filmmaking with the company name Vulcan production which produces significant and meaningful films which earned awards like Grammy, Emmy, and Golden globe and even are nomination list of Academy awards.


Moving on to his personal life, till date he is not married and has no wife and children but has girlfriend named Leigh collier and two are planning to get married. More of the information about him and his biography is seen in different site all over the world and also in wiki including his personal sites. And also he has published book which contains his biography. Here the word Kfan is related with other Paul Allen who is sport news anchor.


  • 1953 January 21(Age 60)
  • American
  • Co-founder of Microsoft and Investor
  • Christianity
  • 5 feet 10 inches
  • N/A
  • Mercer Island, Washington
  • N/A
  • 15 Billion dollars
  • N/A


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