Oliver Laurence North is a U.S Marine corps with the position of Lieutenant Colonel. Beside this, he also has other dynamic personality within. As instance, he is Television personality, news correspondent, and author.

He made himself troubled in Iran-Contra Affair which is a famous political scandal. In the scandal, he was accused with the charges of illegally selling weapons to Iran in exchange to free U.S people who were hostile in Lebanon and the second part included the selling of weapon to different rebel groups. But later, he got clean sheet in the scandal. Talking about his childhood, as born to US army major father Oliver Clay North and Mother Ann Theresa, he spent his childhood in New York. Former colonel did his graduation from Ockawamick High School in the year 1961. Although he didn’t complete his graduation, he was seen in State University of New York for two years. While he was in university, he got chance to be in summer camp of United States Marine Corps at Virginia which gave him opportunity to be in United States Naval Academy giving him Second Lieutenant Post in 1968. While in academy, he once defeated Secretary of Marine Unit and U.S Senator Jim Webb who was his class mate and was powerful to handle. Knowing his career as corps of U.S Marine, he held the post of Platoon Commander while in the war of Vietnam. Due to his work, he was given Silver Star, Bronze star and two Purple Heart Medals. After his duty in Vietnam, he was given the post of preacher in Basic School in Virginia. As to examine the consequence of killing Vietnamese people, Platoon commander again went back to Vietnam. As he performed the duty of Commanding officer in North Training Area in Japan, platoon commander acquired the post of Captain in 1971. He was joined Marine Corps Headquarter after his duty in Japan. While having his four years in Marine Corps Headquarter, he was awarded the position of Major who later served as 3rd battalion operating officer.

To complete his graduation Major went to Naval War College and was graduated with Command and Staff Course degree in 1981. Later he got his last Promotion as Lieutenant Colonel in 1983 while serving as Deputy Director of Political-military affairs for six years in National Security Council. While being in NSC, Colonel performed many responsible and sensitive duties as finding the guilty of 1983 Beirut Barracks Bombing case, Achilles Lauro hijacking where Egypt air did fault by carrying hijackers and even the 1986 bombing case of Libya. Also he was amongst master planner due to which Grenada was part of U.S. He in his last two years as Marine Corps served in Marine Corps Headquarter in Virginia. Later in 1988, Lieutenant colonel resigned from the post leaving Marine Corps duty forever. Along with his Iran-Contra Affair scandal, people found him guilty even in drug trafficking case. In drug trafficking case the rebels to whom the weapons were sold got the payment through drug trafficker. Lieutenant colonel became blind and deaf in the matter as he was supporting those guilty and hiding the real matter. And after many investigation done by Costa Rica as the drug trafficker made the country’s part their way to supply money and drugs. Oliver North and many other U.S military personnel were permanently banned to go to Costa Rica.

 Moving on to his personal life, after his retirement from Marine Corps, he was once contender of U.S Senate but lost the position to Charles Robb. Nancy Reagan the former first women unveiled north lied to her President Husband Ronald Reagan on the case of Iran-Contra Scandal which became the main factor of losing the election for North. Former Colonel raised record breaking 20.3 million dollar for his election fund.

Beside this, he is also an author and has written many famous books which are even the New York Best seller. Along with North’s quotes his speech are also famous all over as he speaks in different U.S Army Days.  Former Army Veteran recently in these days is busy with his show War Stories with Oliver North which is shown in Fox News Channel. Surprisingly, he got the chance to reunite with his dress sword that was lost 32 years ago and was found in Auction.

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  • October 7, 1943
  • American
  • Television host
  • San Antonio, Texas, United States
  • Sarah North, Stuart North, Dornin North, Tait North
  • Married
  • N/A
  • Betsy Stuart (m. 1967)
  • Oliver North
  • White
  • United States Naval Academy
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