Stunning Russian beauty Olesya Rulin first inducted into show business at a young age of 15. Since then she has been giving her cent percent to her professional career in filming. Extensively known for playing Kelsi Mielson in original 3 movies of the hit franchise “High school Musical”, Olesya was born to her parents in Moscow, the capital city of Russia SFSR, Soviet Union. 1986 born gorgeous actress has presently celebrated her 28th birthday on 17th March. At her 8, she moved to US so as to re-join her dad who had come to the United States a couple of years back. Most of her childhood passed in the town of Likhoslavl, Russia. After their movement to US, the family firstly lived in Texas & later in the State of Utah. Olesya is the 2005 graduate of the West Jordan High School, in West Jordan, Utah.

Bright blue-eyed dazzling persona Olesya Rulin has preferred keeping her private life concealed rather than relating to the professional job. The actress is currently unmarried & has neither disclosed her plans for wedding, & family settlement with husband & children. At some point in the year 2013, she was in a romantic linkup with actor Andrew Gray McDonnel, which shortly got full stop after few months. Later that year, she was encountered dating the dashing showbiz hunk Nico Tortorella, nonetheless, the actress has not revealed the precision behind their bounding.

Olesya Rulin pierced a contest for model search at the advice of her mom, at age 12, & consequently won contracts by 4 special agencies. Ahead of acting full-time, the young lady served as a specialized nursing agent for a single year & too at few stores including, the lingerie Victoria’s Secret. She was serving at a store of Nordstorm when the foremost film of “High School Musical” was released. Olesya was attending economic course in Paris, while the casting work for 2007’s “High School Musical 2” was carried on. Further to her most note worthy role in the 3 movies of franchise, “High School Musical”, the raising actress went on landing one upon other roles, counting both big & small screen projects. Some od her additional credits includit her splendid performance in the Disney Channel Original film’s such as, “Hounded” (2001), “The Poof Point” (2001) & “Halloweentown High” (2004), plus the TV sitcom “Everwood” (2004) & few featured movies, “The Dance” (2007), “Mobsters and Mormons” (2005) & “Forever Strong” (2008). Olesya has also appeared in the 2008 comedy movie “Major Movie Star” alongside Jessica Simpson. The movie was launched inside the United States as “Private Valentine: Blonde & Dangerous”. The next year, the Russian beauty co-starred with Heather Locklear & Billy Ray Cyrus in the Lifetime Movie Network’s drama movie “Flying Bay” (2009). This was soon traced by her lead work in the comedy drama film “Expecting Mary” (2010) as Mary. Concurrently, she went on landing her cameos in different TV series, such as “CSI: Miami” (2010), “The Mentalist” (2010), “Drop Dead Diva” (2011), “Underemployed” (2012) & more recently in “NCIS” (2014) as Kim Troutman. Olesya also played the main character Emily Smith Dungy in the 2013 released movie “Family Weekend” by Benjamin Epps, co-starring Matthew Modine & Kristin Chenoweth.

Amusing millions of acting devotees since young age, Olesya Rulin has succeeded earning name, fame & money. As of the recent report, the actress has owned the total estimated net worth of 1 million USD, & there is no doubt that she will soon increase the count with her marvelous acting ventures, in near future. Fluent in Russian language, the proficient actress is a keen devotee of dancing. Concerning which, she has got enrolled in dancing & has now become an accomplished ballet dancer. Branching out, Olesya has even made her few spots in modeling.

28 years old Olesya never hesitates or feels shy to pout a hot & sexy pose before camera & which certainly makes her stand-out as a determined modern actress. Despite her petite height of 5’11.75’’, the actress has crossed the competitive line of show business & has come as one of the graceful film cum Television actress. Additional to her information related to both personal & professional life is provided on multiple of biography sites on internet. Or, simply a click on Olesya Rulin wiki can be in fact assisting. She can even be followed on facebook, twitter & instagram.


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