Nicole Petallides

Born on September 20, 1971 in Queens, New York, Nicole Petallides is an anchor currently working as the floor correspondent at the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) for Fox Business Network. She is the daughter of John C. Petallides, owner of U.S. Amfax and his wife Fannie Holiday, founder and chief operating officer of Proini, Greek language newspaper. She belonged to a family that had much influence by business, and her upbringing happened around that atmosphere. So, her career unsurprisingly took the similar turn. She grew up alongside her brother, Constantine who is an aspiring writer and a politician.


She is the graduate from American University. Her career actually started as the segment producer for the Dow Jones Television, The Wall Street Journal report with Consuelo Mack. She then joined CNBC as the assistant producer. Her basic responsibility was to produce daily floor reports from the NYSE. After which, she made her shift to Bloomberg television as their anchor. She reported from New York Stock Exchange for the cable’s shows including Bloomberg Business Report and Bloomberg Market Update. And her major break came along Fox Business Network back in 2007, when the channel roped her in as their new anchor. She was one of the first anchor women on the network when they hit the air. She has also contributed to the WNYW-FOX 5 morning show “Good day New York”, NY1 News, CNN and news 12 Long Island.Nicole is one of the sexy anchors at FBN who is highly regarded for her business knowledge and her beautiful long legs. She stands tall at six feet and two inches. She’s got an amazing height with perfectly sculpted and proportionate figure. It’s no wonder, she can easily work her magic charm on the viewers too. Her audiences admire her for her beauty and her intelligent anchoring skills. She connects well with her audience.


She is married and has a family. She got hitched with her husband Nicholas Tsiolas in 1998. He is a Manhattan based dentist. They first met on a blind date and had that instant sparks glowing between the two on the very first meeting. They exchanged their vows on a private ceremony. The couples have remained tight ever since. Both are extremely happy in their relationship. They are the proud parents of two children; Eric, 10 and Michael, 8. Nicole is genuinely happy with her present domestic domain. She has something to look forward to. A loving husband and two adorable kids, she’s got a beautiful life for herself and she wouldn’t trade that for anything.


At forty two, with two kids and an extremely excruciating work schedule, Nicole has never looked so hot and fabulous. She’s got the perfect measurements of her body. It’s hard to tell that she’s a mom and that she’s in her forties already. Nicole has truly worked on her fitness and that shows. Her confidence and her radiance is all because of that. Her picture galleries circulated in the internet are the evidence to all the work she has done to maintain her youthful looks and the shape. Also, she has done a marvelous work of balancing her professional and family life. She is definitely an inspiration to all the aspiring young generations. She is a woman of substance and she had proven wrong the dogmatic thoughts of society that a woman can’t handle both the family and career at the same time.


Her fans and admirers can get to know more about her life through wiki and other sites relating to her. She is on the Facebook and twitter. She is the active user of these social networking sites. They can follow her there to remain up close and personal with her. 

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