Natasha Curry

Very gorgeous and stunning Natasha curry born on 1976 is an American journalist and television talk show host currently employed at HLN as their host of “Weekend Express with Natasha Curry”. Besides, she also serves as the substitute on “Morning Express with Robin Meade”. Native from Washington, she was named Natasha Vantramp at birth. But she decided to use her mother’s surname for a television career. She belongs to bi-racial ethnicity since her parents come from different backgrounds themselves. It’s probably one of the reasons for her extremely exotic looks. However, contrary to her beauty, Natasha holds strong educational foundation. She has a Bachelor’s degree in biology from Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma University. Similarly, she graduated from Arizona State University where she majored in journalism.

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    5 Feet 7 Inches

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Natasha has come truly a long way in her career. Very ambitious and hardworking from the start she never let her mind distract her from the vision that she’s always dreamt of. She has worked with several news stations in the past which only made her proficient as a journalist. Immediately after graduation, she started out her career as the magazine talk show “Northwest Afternoon” where she was primarily assigned the responsibility to interview high profile celebrities. Besides, she also received an opportunity to host numerous segments on fashion, fitness, and nutrition. She did an absolute incredible work for her first job. After working for some time, she quit that job so as to move further in her career.

Natasha’s high hopes of becoming a journalist turned into reality only after joining local news stations KOMO-TV and KIRO-TV in Washington. She was also featured in the weekly segment on KOMO 1000 News Radio. However, these networks didn’t allow her any high exposure and didn’t do much for her career. So, she decided to make her transition to KDFW-TV as their anchor and reporter for morning and noon newscast. Natasha was not someone who would have settled for anything less than what she deserved. So, she just kept on continuing working; changing jobs and experimenting. Hoping for a better career prospect, she moved to KYMA as their anchor and producer for local newscast. She worked there until she was finally offered to work at CNN’s Headline News back in December 2008. Some of her notable work at HLN includes the tenth year anniversary of 9/11, Hurricane Irene and reporting the 2009 Cannes Film Festival.

Natasha is one hell of an exotic and seductive beauty. Her charismatic and magnetic charm is quite undeniable. It could be her curvaceous round figure or just her sexy persona which has made her one of the hot news babes around the block. She’s not among those tiny and lean shaped woman, she’s real and flaunts her curvaceous buxom figure with great confidence. Despite not having the perfect body measurements, she still manages to shine and look absolutely jaw droppingly beautiful in anything that she wears. She’s already approaching her forties, but her youthful charm and sex appeal has remained the same. Secrets of her beauty could be the regular workout regime and the healthy life style that she follows.

About her personal life biography, she is married to a firefighter whom she had met during one of her stint at KOMO-TV. Apart from that piece of information, we don’t know much about her. She has really kept her life a low key since her primary concern is work and she’s definitely not here to entertain her personal space. It’s therefore unknown as whether she and her husband have any children or not. She’s already reached thirty seven years of age and is currently at a stable career. So, possibility could be that she and her partner might be planning to have a baby anytime soon. Other details about her can be obtained from wiki and other personal sites relating her. Her fans and admirers can also get to know her better by following her at twitter account.

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