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Natalie Allen is an anchor for CNN International based at the network's global headquarters in Atlanta. Natalie Allen currently anchors 'CNN Newsroom' Friday through Sunday, reaching viewers of both CNNI and CNN/US.

She holds 23 years of work experience. As time went on by, her journalism dexterity got more polished that made her more versatile. Besides just reporting and anchoring, she also works as a producer, writer and an editor. Born on 1962, Memphis, Natalie graduated from University of Southern Mississippi. Immediately after the completion of graduation (1984), she started her broadcasting career by working at KFSM-TV in Fort Smith, Arkansas.

She stayed at KFSM-TV for a year. Then she moved to WREG-TV in Memphis where she saw better career opportunity. Natalie worked there as a reporter and anchor for some years. However, that alliance also couldn’t form a lasting association. She then moved to WFTV to serve them as their reporter and co-anchor and managed to bag a Regional Emmy Award and Edward R. Murrow Award in the process. Next came CNN where she worked there as an anchor throughout 90s.

At CNN, she anchored live newscast daily. Besides, she also hosted other important program for the network including “CNN Today”, “Early Edition”, “CNN and Company”, “Inside Politics” and “Prime News”. Her natural approach of anchoring won many hearts and as a result that helped her to become widely famous. When she left CNN in 2001, many of her fans were very disappointed.

After bidding her goodbye, she took on to different challenges. She shifted her focus on training newscasters at Atlanta Company as part time job. But the ambitious Natalie couldn’t stay away from camera for long. She therefore made her comeback in 2004 by joining MSNBC as their freelance reporter. Around that time, she also started working at NBC news network as their correspondent and began appearing on the network’s major news venues including “The Today Show”.  In 2007, she changed her job again and went to The Weather Channel, an experience she describes the best.

She was appointed at TWC as their anchor and reporter for the network’s “Forecast Earth”. Sadly, her program got canceled after a brief stint. She got fired from the team as a procedure of company layoff. So, with no other option left, she crawled back to CNN in 2009.

Considered one of the hottest news casters of television, Natalie has reached the age of 52. Even so she appears as women in her mid twenties. It’s incredible how she has maintained her charm and beauty all these years. She’s got an impeccable style and fashion sense.

She makes every possible effort to look her best on-air. She wears the perfect outfits that show off her beautiful curvaceous figure and long gorgeous legs. Besides, she also makes the equal effort to style her hair. Throughout her broadcasting career, she opted for different hairdos and no matter what style she chose, she fit best on them.

Even after so many years of working and reaching at the age of 52, many of her viewers still consider her as a hot babe. Despite her busy schedule she focuses on her workout routines and diets which is the prime reason that she has achieved such a suave and sexy wholesome look.

Speaking about her personal life, many of the details remain unknown. She has deliberately kept it distant from media. She’s always talked about for her work and nothing beside that. However, if the speculations are to be believed, she has not married any man yet.

So, obviously that would mean she does not have a husband and that she’s never gone through any divorce procedures ever. Natalie has truly found the eternal happiness from the work she does. Until this day, she has not felt the need of having any man to feel complete.

Although many men would happily surrender to be her boyfriend, but she’s not in that state of mind to date or get into relationships. Just so as to speak the truth, she’s at a happy feet. Details about this inspirational woman can be obtained from wiki and other personal sites relating her.


  • 1962
  • American
  • Journalist
  • 5' 8" (1.73 m)
  • No
  • Memphis, America
  • No
  • Unmarried
  • N/A
  • Natalie Allen
  • White
  • Twitter, Facebook, Youtube


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