A dazzlingly skilled Mike Seidel is an American on Camera meteorologist associated with the Weather Channel. Mike Seidel, who has been with the network since 1992, is widely considered to be one of the best field reporters.

An exceptionally adroit meteorologist is renowned for his field reportage of inclement weather. Born Michael Phillip Seidel on January 18, 1956 in Salisbury, Maryland, to an American couple was the only child of his parent. While still in a more immature period of life, he showed his powerfully impressive talent. Early on he used to measure snowfall in Salisbury, Maryland. While he was in junior grade, he set up a radio station on the top of his house. Later, his curiosity turned to an avid ambition.

When he entered in his high school and college, he began working for four different local radio stations which were WJDY – AM in Salisbury, WKHI –FM in Ocean City, WSUX – FM in Seaford, Delaware as well as WDMV –AM in Pocomoke City. Throughout his affiliation with the local stations, he made gradual improvement. He had attended the Wicomico Senior High School. After completing his high school graduation, he went to Salisbury State College, where he picked out Mathematics. In addition, subject like geography also interested him. Mr. Seidel obtained his Bachelor of Science degree in 1979.

Immediately after collecting his degree, Mike started to pursue his mere dream. He was recruited by WMDT –TV station in Salisbury. He enrolled in graduate school next to complete his Masters program in Meteorology. The Weather Channel’s veteran Mr. Gregory S. Forbes led the Seidel while writing his ambitious master’s thesis program. Beyond doubt, Forbes guidance and direction turn out to be efficacious in his challenging course. Indeed Forbes’s pedagogy impact became everlasting in Seidel’s career field. During those years, he used to come along the Pennsylvania Public Television Network, Weather World. In 1989, Seidel became the full time host at WYFF – TV which is in Greenville, South Carolina. He continued to work there till 1989. After spending almost six years at the WYFF – TV, prudent hesitation evoked inside him. Finally, in 1989, he harked back to Salisbury for WBOC – TV where he was appointed as the meteorologist. Until March 1992, he stayed on there, when he departed for the Weather Channel.

 Prior to joining the Weather Channel, he was already well known. But during his days at the TWC he became more influential. In early 1996, on Cape God, Seidel was responsible for reporting the details of storm Hurricane Edouard. He has founded success with his first coverage since then he has made reportage of numerous hurricanes and tropical storms. Apparently, he has staked his life during outbreak life threatening weather condition. As a matter of fact, his heroism has saved many lives. The weatherman’s prodigious talent has caused to establish an economically sound career for him. The rich media houses pay him hefty amount of salary. Yet, till the date, none of authentic source has been able to estimate his total net worth.

Beyond his professional life, Mr. Seidel tied a marital knot with Christine Schroder in 1994. As, he is apt to say very little, whenever it comes to his married life or private affair so less things can only be conceived about such subjects.  His wife has given birth to two children who are named Sam and Joe.

Mike Seidel is a handsome gentleman who has become one of the in demand meteorologist. Throughout his professional life, there has not been any kind of impediment in his progress. He has not undergone through any form of professional set back. He has won numerous awards and accreditation for his distinct contribution to the field. Back in 1988, Mr. Seidel was garnered by American Meteorological Society’s television seals of approval. Except from that, several other honorary societies have bestowed an honor upon him. A popular site such as Wiki has also brought forward his abridged biography.


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