Michael Joseph Kelly recognized for his stage name Michael Kelly is the famous & successful actor of American cinemas and television industry. He is acknowledged for his outstanding performance in the films such as Dawn of the Dead, Changeling, the Adjustment Bureau and Chronicles & Law Abiding Citizen. Likewise he has demonstrated his natural acting skills in the television series such as Generation Kill. In television he has also entertained his audience playing the lead role in spin off series of Criminal Minds named Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior. This action hero of cinema was born on May 22 1969 in Philadelphia as Michael Joseph Kelly. He was born to a tight knit family of two sisters & one brother; loving parents Maureen and Michael Kelly’s. This veteran actor of present time always wanted to do big in his life. He attended Coastal Carolina University with the motive to study law but somewhere in the approach he was bitten badly by the acting bug. Subsequently his vocation as an actor commenced. Currently he is busy portraying the character Doug Stamper on House of the Card’s American adaptation. Apart from being an actor he is also a musician and avid athlete.

Michael definitely is counted among the versatile actors of American acting industry. He has shown his versatility playing a cop, lawyer, killer, bad guy. He commenced his vocation with the lead role of Tom in The Galls Menagerie. His work was highly appreciated by his teachers, peers and directors that led him to the Great White Way. In his afterwards life he started becoming the part of better and big project. His phenomenal work can be seen in the films such as Origin of the Species, Man on the Moon, Unbreakable, Champions, Chronicle, Now You See Me & Man of Steel. He has also been the active part of television he has become familiar with his television audience playing the series Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Judging Amy, The Sopranos, The Good Wife, House of Cards, Person of Interest, and many others. In his career span that has crossed more than a decade now he earned money and name in equal manner. He surely is entertained with the remarkable salary. Still his net worth isn’t disclosed to his fans and public.

The heartthrob of millions of female fans around the world, he himself has lost his heart to his loving & gorgeous girlfriend Karyn Mendel. The gorgeous pair of Kary and Michael pronounced each other as husband & wife after sharing their marital vows in a wedding ceremony among their family and friends. The couple as for is living a blissful marital life. They are merrily happy in their relationship & eradicating every possible chances of their future divorce with love and understanding. Till date they have been blessed with two children. Being a loving husband to his wife Karyn he still is his mama’s devoted son. He talks to his mother everyday for which he is half-proud half-sheepish. As for now he resides outside of New York in Co-op Village apartment along with his lovely wife.

The veteran actor of present time Michael has reached at the age of 44. Seeing him on television it is hard to believe he is a married man with two children. Even so he continues to maintain his legacy of handsomeness and versatility. Standing at the height of 5ft 11 inch, his athlete background has blessed him with the stunning built. Apart from having a good height he also has the outstanding biceps & physique which has made him one of desired and attractive action hero. Also he doesn’t vacillate to go shirtless. The image of hot shirtless Michael is available everywhere in the internet.

The more about him can be extracted from his personal & official websites. His bio is also available on the internet sites such as Wiki, IMDB. As twitter has become one of the popular ways to reach out to the desired person, following him on his twitter account can also help his fan to be updated with his latest tweets. In order to add another remarkable piece of information about him can be he holds lifetime membership with Actor’s Studio.


  • May 22, 1969 (age 44)
  • American
  • Actor, Musician
  • 5 Feet 10 Inches
  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
  • 2
  • Married
  • Michael Kelly
  • White
  • Coastal Carolina University, Brookwood High School
  • Twitter, Wikipedia, Youtube


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