Matthew Nathan Drudge was born on October 27, 1966 Takoma Park, Maryland near Washington though he is popularly known as Matt Drudge. He was born to Robert Drudge who was a formal social worker and his mother was a staff attorney, when Ted Kennedy was the Senator. But his childhood wasn't picture perfect as he had to see his parents' separation as a married couple when he was 6 years old. Traumatized by the incident, he developed the tendency to shy away from social interactions gaining him a "loner" status amongst his classmates. His academic failures during his school years may also be directly linked to his unfortunate childhood. Discouraged by his failures, he decided against obtaining university education. Matt instead took up many odd jobs and worked night shifts.  He also resorted to working as a salesman for Time-life and a sales assistant for a local grocery.

By 1989, Drudge made a get away from his life and moved to Los Angeles having saved enough money. His eventual road to building his website started off with working at the CBS gift shop in Hollywood where he picked little snippets of gossip information about the television network. He began posting his information bits which he named "Drudge Report" which got so popular that by 1997, he had over fifty thousand subscribers who craved for his real time news. Drudge's shoot to fame and success came abruptly with his reporting of the Lewinsky Clinton affairs on his website (which he had put up the same year). He was the first to report the news which had media outlets from all over the world crediting his website. This had made his website so popular that everyone was looking to his website as an official source of world gossip. Wikipedia reports him to be an internet news editor. With the power of cyberspace behind him, his rise to fame and methods of success are matters of great envy and suspect in the eyes of most journalists.

Besides his website, he hosted a Saturday night television show named "Drudge" on Fox News Channel which got on air from June 1998. But his life as a television celebrity was short lived and had to depart from the lime light when one of his shows promoting the pro-life agenda went pear shaped. The picture of a fetus reaching out its hand from the womb was deemed misrepresentative and manipulative by Fox. Following the controversy Drudge made an exit from the small screen in the November of 99 but not without an apology for the fact that the picture was actually of an emergency pregnancy and not of an abortion. After his failure in the television business he went back to his website. Later he branched out his career prospects and started a talk show on The Premiere Radio Networks, which was also named the Drudge report.

Even after his failure, Drudge still has a worth of over a million dollars per year thanks to his talk show and the advertising revenues generated from his website. It is estimated that his net worth is $90 million. According to recent statistics, Drudge has 87,000 twitter followers and 42,000 facebook fans.  He also published a book in 2000 called Drudge Manifesto adding to his career versatility. Despite his life as a public image, Drudge's sexuality is still a matter of controversy for the world media. He is rumored to be gay. However he has dismissed these claims every time in spite of the fact that Hilton has an exclusive video of Drudge holding the lip lock with an unidentified man in London.  However girlfriends have not been discussed by the global paparazzi network to such extent.

Drudge's life in the media as well as his personal existence has been nothing short of a roller coaster ride. In spite of his misfortunes, the right wing conservative blogger's ability to land on his feet is quite commendable. Surrounded by controversies and a frequent recurrence of misfortunes, his life makes a perfect story for a Hollywood movie script.


  • October 27, 1966 (age 47)
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  • Internet news editor
  • Judaism
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  • Takoma Park, Maryland, U.S.
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  • Not Married
  • $90 Million USD
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  • Matthew Nathan Drudge
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