Martina Stoessel, a 17 years old teen girl from Argentina is one of the most celebrated personalities of the country. Her age may sound young in an entertainment industry but she has proved to become as talented and even more than the established stars of the country. Best known for portraying the role of Violetta Castillo in popular Disney series Violetta, Martina is an established teen actress. She is a multitalented girl who has also made great achievements as a singer and a model.

Often referred by her nick name Tini, Martin is the only daughter of Alejandro Stoessel and his wife, Mariana Muzlera. Her father Alejandro is one of Argentina’s renowned film directors and producers. She was born to her parents a year after her brother Francisco was born. As reported by Martina, she was born on 21st March, 1997 but it has not been confirmed due to various reasons. It has been confirmed that Martina is in a relationship with Juan Pedro Lanzani also known as Peter Lanzani. She began dating her 7-year-senior boyfriend in 2013. Lanzani is also a renowned Argentine celebrity who is best known for appearing in television series such as Chiquititas Sin Fin and Casi Angeles and for being the member of Argentine pop band Teen Angels.

Born in Buenos Aires, Martina was raised in her hometown but her academic background has not been revealed. Obviously, the young girl’s talents have helped her a lot in achieving success but we cannot ignore the fact that she is the daughter of Alejandro Stoessel. She got to enjoy the perks of being born to her director/producer father by launching her acting career in a young age of 10. The first acting role she ever received was as Martina and young Anna in first season of Patito Feo. Patito Feo was comedy television series especially aimed for children and teens which was premiered as Ugly Duckling in English. In 2012, she was featured as the lead character named Violetta Castillo in Disney Channel Original Series, Violetta. The role became her breakthrough and it earned her international fame. She also won awards like Kids’ Choice Awards Argentina and Premios Martin Fierro Award for the phenomenal performance she made in the series. Complimented for her beautiful voice, she has lent her voice to an animated character called Carrie Williams from the movie Monster University (Italian version). Earning fame and success as Violetta Castillo in one hand, she also launched her singing career through the same role. She has recorded various tracks for the series and Te creo, En mi mundo, Habla si puedes, Nel mio mondo, Si es por amor, etc are few to list. She has sung the title track of Frozen movie in Italian and Spanish language, entitled as All’alba sorgero and Libre soy, respectively. The song was originally recorded by American singer Demi Lovato. Multi-faceted Martina’s actual net worth has not been revealed but she is believed to be one of the richest teens of Argentina.

An established actress/singer/model at present time, Martina fostered her interests in performing arts since she was a child. She is an avid dancer and a piano player who has performed for the charity event of UNICEF.

The up and coming Argentine actress, Martina Stoessel has become immensely successful in a short time. The ten star has become an inspiration in many young girls’ life. She is believed to be one of the most influential teen of the country.


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