Maria Stephanos is a bubbly and versatile broadcast journalist.  She joined in Boston’s popular FOX25 television on 1997. She was born on 1964 in US and grew-up in Groveland of Massachusetts, Boston.  She is an US nationality.   She is now 49 years old aged.  She is tall about 5 feet 2 inches with erotic legs, and beautiful feet.  She is attractive, glamorous and hot anchor. She obtained Master's degree majoring in Mass Communications from Emerson College after completion of the UMass Amherst course.

She started her television career from 1997 as a reporter and news anchor in a great enthusiastic momentum. Later, she promoted  and became a chief anchor for the FOX25 News. She is a flawless speaker and expressed her bold views from the bottom of heart and soul together and focused real concern and interest of her regular audiences, viewers and fans indeed. She feels extremely grateful that her fans love her genuine voice and update on the multi-diverse issues and concerns as a great professional media magnet. She did first news report on the radio and enjoyed joyful momentum and outstanding accomplishment in her life.  

She had led several high-level tasks on her television journalism career, mainly coverage of the elections of national, state and local across the USA. Similarly, she had got a unique opportunity for the live coverage of the republic and democratic conventions along with numerous election stories and breaking news. Earlier, she interviewed with three Presidents of Democratic and Republican from the halls of the State of House as a historical momentum and landmark achievement in her career and life indeed.

In addition, her affiliation to the New Englanders went beyond the broadcasting of the news as live event-teller or narrator in a professional fashion.  She is active in house and family as well as support to the game of Foxboro League simultaneously. She had an unforgettable first experience that she did historical coverage, successfully on the death and memorial event of Elvis Presley to pay tribute of national honor and respect.  Her parents were excited to watch such event in the television that she has proven her capability and diehard on her duty and responsibility as “work is worship” and what meaningful of her life and career.  She never disappointed her viewers and public as she has proven herself as a strong public figure by nature.  For instances, she motivates her viewers and fans consistently that always kept her mind with maintaining high professional ethical values and norms.

Maria received an Associated Press award in 2000 for the outstanding feature writing and presentation. She is always being positive and feel pride broadcasting news what happening in community and country.  She also feels honor to disseminate latest updating the news around the world, and throughout the country and New Englanders in particular. Her father was a beauty salon designer and salesman. She had a stroke at the aged of three years old.  She had a critical and horrible childhood life with disability that she struggled courageously for her recovery. In her childhood, she was a little girl and keenly interested to talk and tell stories to domestic animals or pets as an audience.  In the first time, she was appeared as a reporter for the State House for oh-so-serious WBUR and public radio.  She earned dollar 15,600 per annum at that time.

Maria is a kind-hearted woman by her inheritance of father to support several philanthropic institutions, chiefly, The American Heart Association, The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, The Make-A-Wish Foundation Action for Boston Community Development, Relay for Life and Rosie’s Place.  She also attends Fashion Show for the charitable support to the “homeless dogs” as she loved animals. She got married to Dale Stephanos.  Her husband is a political narrator.  It is too late her to pregnant because of her professional career that crossed her age for the pregnant.  But, she never fade-up with her husband and never thought about the divorce in critical moment in their life as symbol of faithful and dedicated couple.

Currently, she earned US dollar 755,254 salary per annum.  But, in spite of that, she intends to become a millionaire for happy retirement life. Her bio is available at and can be found additional information on wiki.