Maria Molina Timmer is a meteorologist. Maria Timmer was the on-air meteorologist for the Fox News Channel, a U.S. television network, from 2010 to 2016.

She started out her career as a weather forecaster for a weather program 4FSU. Later, she did her internship at several local cable stations. She has worked with WTV-TV, WSCV-TV and AVY-TV. And finally after all the hassles, Maria joined Fox News Channel back in 2010. She is doing great as of now. She provides weather updates and also covers weather events. She also hosts ‘FOX & Friends’ morning program.

Her brief information relating her professional life is given in Wikipedia. Maria is petite. She is only five feet. She does not have a tall built but has a striking personality. She is blessed with an hour glass figure. She is beautiful to look at. She’s photogenic and thus, landed a job as a Weather forecaster. Maria developed the interest in weather during her childhood years. She believes that working for television is less of a glamorous work and more of a challenging job. Her job demands knowledge of maths and science and also the willingness to devote long hours for work.

She is in the occupation that requires glamour. She is fit. She has a slim body and a picture perfect charming looks. She works out on a regular basis and follows a strict diet regime. She never eats unhealthy. She dresses to the occasion. She can very well flaunt her best assets. Her hair and makeup are neatly done. She wears formal attires that show off her beautiful and beautiful pair of legs.

Maria is only twenty five years of age. She’s really young. She is vibrant, sexy and interactive. She is a lot fun to watch on air. And it’s the reason why, she has earned admirers in her brief period of career span. She is still doing her graduation at Columbia and has managed to get a position at Fox News.

She is young. She is working her way to earn an identity in the industry. Maria Molina has not married anyone and thus does not bear a husband. She is doing great work wise. She is concentrating on her career. She is all single. So, it’s pretty obvious that she has not divorced any person.

Maria is doing fine in her professional life. She is earning good and gradually becoming popular in her field. She is admired by her fans for her beautiful looks and her anchoring skills. She is receiving a good amount of salary from her employer. And we believe she has the potential to make a big accomplishment in her career. Her estimated net worth is not given by any source in the internet sites.

Like many these days, she is also a regular user of social net working site. She has a twitter account and she updates her tweet frequently. Her fans can remain up close and personal with her through twitter. 


  • April 7, 1987
  • Nicaraguan
  • Journalist
  • No
  • 5'0"
  • No
  • Nicaragua
  • No
  • Unmarried
  • N/A
  • Maria Molina
  • White
  • Florida State University
  • Wiki, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube


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