Maria Menounos Biography

Absolutely stunning and mesmerizing Maria Menounos born on June 8, 1978 is an American actress, journalist and occasional professional wrestler. She holds talent not only with acting but also with other completely different profession too. Born to Greek immigrant parents, Maria had an early liking for entertainment industry and that she had a pretty much clear picture of what she wanted to become. In 1995, she started off with appearing on beauty pageants and the following year she won the title of Miss Massachusetts Teen USA. While studying at Emerson College, Maria developed an interest towards journalism and learned the journalistic duties while a student there. Immediately after graduation, she was hired by Channel One News in 2001 and she scored one on one interview with President George W. Bush, a career high for the beginner, Maria.

  • Date of Birth:

    June 8, 1978

  • Height:

    5' 8" (1.72 m)

  • Net Worth:

    7 million USD

  • Married To:


She had opportunities pouring from reputed work stations after her gig at Channel One News. In 2002, Entertainment Tonight hired her as their correspondent. As a part of her responsibility, she reported on movies, music and fashion and pleased with her work, executives at ET offered her to host their programs on MTV and VH1. She eventually quit her work at ET to focus on her acting career. In 2005, she made her feature film debut with “Fantastic four”. She played the sexy nurse engaged in a romantic affair with “human torch” played by Chris Evans. Besides film, she has also hugely contributed to television screens too appearing on televised series including “without a trace”, “One tree hill”, ”Scrubs” and many more. Maria also continued with her journalistic ambitions by appearing on “Access Hollywood” as a special correspondent in the fall of 2005. Similarly, she also co-hosted the few episodes of “today” show. Maria made her debut wrestling debut back in 2012 at WWE Raw.

Five feet and nine and a half inches tall bombshell has always remained unpredictable; always shuttling from one kind of profession to another. Her sex appeal lies not only in her exterior beauty but also in her versatile mind and her unpredictable choice of work. Fact that she’s always made her entry to the Askmen top 99 is significant evidence that she’s viewed as the object of desire among men. Her amazing sculpted figure and her beautiful exotic looks make her the perfect dazzling diva. She looks great at any given day. A year back, her boyfriend made shocking revelation in Howard Stern talk show where he disclosed her explicit sexual preferences in bed. She and her boyfriend have remained together for more than fifteen years now and are still going well on strong.

About her personal life biography, she has not married anyone yet and therefore does not has a husband. However, she has been in a long term relationship with her boyfriend Kevin Undergaro. They have not decided on making it official by getting hitched anytime soon. In fact, she and Kevin are having lot of fun just dating each other. The two have known each other since teen age and have remained together since then. She notes that her sexual intimacy with her partner and humor that they share have aided them keep their affair going on for so long. She’s thirty five years of age and has everything working just about fine for her. With fantastic career graph and a loving partner by her side, she’s not complaining about anything.

She has accomplished great heights career wise. She has the estimated net worth of $ 7 million in her bank account and she has made all of that fortune by working as an actress, journalist and recently converting her professional direction to wrestling. Details about her can be obtained from wiki and other personal sites relating to her. Interesting fun fact about her, she once used to be fat before appearing on television screens. She shared her past secret with fitness magazine revealing that she stuck with strict die regime and followed a regular exercise schedule to transform from plump Maria to gorgeous and astounding diva that she is of today.

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