Extremely gorgeous Madison Riley born on March 16, 1990 is an American actress. She might not have yet appeared on any career defining roles, but has managed to appear on dozens of movies already. It could be because of her unmatched good looks and bold sex appeal that producers take on her to add the tinge of glamour factor on their movie. Named Madison Riley Aplanalp at birth, she’s the native from Salt Lake City, Utah. She first started out her career as a voice actor for 2006 movie “Bratz: Passion for Fashion-Diamondz”. Very ambitious as a kid, Madison always had the clear vision of what she wanted to become. Ever since a child, she had only dreamt of becoming an actor and nothing else. By the time, she reached her adolescent; she dropped out on everything to pursue her lifelong aspiration.

  • March 16, 1990 (age 23)
  • 5 Feet 9 Inches
  • Not Married
  • N/A
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Year later, on 2007 she got featured as “Trendy Girl” on “Bratz: The Movie”, this time as an actor. Besides that, she couldn’t get hold of any other work. Next year, she landed roles on television shows “Til Death” and “Zoey 101”. Despite being casted for only supporting roles, she somehow managed to get people’s attention. 2009 turned out to be the busiest year for her since, she appeared on six movies back to back. One after another, producers started signing her on their films because she had that something different about her. Not that she’s one knock out performer, yet film makers casted her on their cinematic projects. Some of the movies she had appeared on did pretty well at the box office. Speaking of her remarkable performances, her work on “Grown Ups” (2010) and as Kristen on “Prom” became one of her most memorable acts on celluloid. For now, she has shifted her attention to Television since she couldn’t find the expected success at Big Screen.  Currently, she can be watched on the hit sitcom “Two and a Half Men” as Britte.

Long legged beauty Madison has the undeniable good looks about her. She has got that finest of appearance that can leave many hearts wanting to stare at her clumsily. Very sleek and flawless, Madison can effortlessly make men want her. She’s got the perfect height and the absolutely stunner body frame. She’s five feet and nine inches. Her body measurement as noted cites 34-25-30. Because of her profession, she carries the due responsibility to look after her shape and she has absolutely not disappointed in that regard. She works out on a regular basis and sticks to an extreme and extortionist diet to maintain her figure. Her weight is only 58 kgs. All of this shows her true compassion and dedication towards her work. Madison is also a model besides being an actor. So, she very often sheds her clothes for photo shoots. And when she poses on bikini, my o my, she just looks amazingly smoking hot. One trendy and fashion lover Madison works through her appearance even when not working. She wears the trendiest of outfits, hair and makeup to stand apart from others. She just looks great any day.

Speaking of her personal life, she’s not married yet and therefore does not have a husband. She’s barely twenty four. It won’t be the right time for her to think marriage. She’s too young to settle, also her career has just started to work on right track. She really has a long way to go before making up her mind to commit forever. However, it does not mean she can’t have a boyfriend. If speculations are to be believed, she’s currently in relationship with Crawford Wilson. He’s a handsome looking actor. Both of them make quite a stunning looking pair. If everything works out as planned, the two might end up together. For now, it’s just the usual dating process they are going through. Whatever, it is, we just wish her the best for her future to come.

Details about the lovely starlet can be obtained from wiki and other sites relating her. Some interesting facts about her, she has the estimated net worth of $ 5 million. Her wealth might not seem like a lot, but one has to give it up for her continuous effort that she has built over the years. Be it either through modeling or acting, she has managed to remain on the race. Her zodiac sign is Pisces and the guy she’s dating at the moment is Tauran.



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