Lou Reed Biography

Born on March 2, 1942 Lou Reed is an American rock musician and songwriter. Incredibly passionate about rock and roll music, Lou started playing guitar at an early age. Later, he joined doo-wop group called The Jades which rightly marked his beginning in the industry. And eventually during the 60’s, he formed the group “the Velvet Underground” performing as the guitarist, vocalist and the principal songwriter for the band. Velvet underground became the first ever band to introduce sensitive and mature topics to rock music like drug abuse, sex and death. However, they could not commence their endeavors as commercially successful entertainers in the business. In fact, they had only released four of their studio albums before deciding to split during the start of 70s. But over the period of time, they managed to set a milestone in the history of rock music.

  • Date of Birth:

    March 2, 1942

  • Height:

    5' 10" (1.78 m)

  • Net Worth:

    15 million USD

  • Married To:


After quitting the band, Lou fostered with his career as a solo artist and released his first self titled debut album in 1971. But unfortunately, it failed to impress both the critics and the audiences. A year later, he released Transformers produced by David Bowie and Mick Ronson which featured Lou’s only top twenty hit to date “walk on the wild side”. His artistry and creativity had no signs of stopping; in fact he was unstoppable during 70s. His prolific number of album releases constitutes names like “Berlin” (1973), “Rock and Roll Animal” (1974), “Street Hassle” (1978). He continued with his musical bistro throughout his life. Music truly lived inside of him and he used his maestro to convey his personal thoughts and expressions. In 1993, The Velvet Underground reunited and toured throughout Europe.

Considered one of the major influences on rock music, Lou has delivered countless hits over his professional career. His most liked and remembered songs includes “Caroline says” “perfect day”, “sweet Jane”, “satellite of love” and many more. As a part of his responsibility to promote his album, he has had innumerable tours and concerts across the West. He’s truly a legend and his work has inspired artists like David Bowie, Nick Cave, Sonic Youth, Nine Inch Nails, and U2 and so on. He’s truly an inspiration to any artist as he never stopped performing and recording. He believed in his music and just did what he had to do. No wonder, even the maestro’s of rock music bands look forward to working with him for instance, Metallica. “Lulu” is their collaborative album and they had releases their lead single titled “the view” back in 2011. He unfortunately breathed his last on October 27, 2013 but his music continues to live on.

About his personal life biography, he has had couple of failed marriages. He first married Betty back in 1973 when he was at the peak of his career. His musical commitments lead them to divorce shortly after. After separation, he remained single and committed to music for couple of years before meeting his next love interest Sylvia Morales. He married her on February 14, 1980. She had inspired Lou to write several songs while together. The couples were happy in their relationship and remained married for over a decade long. But in 1994, the two decided to art their ways. In 2008, he tied knot with his third wife Laurie Anderson. He was at his late sixties when he got hitched for the third time. But their relationship ended with his death.

Details about him can be obtained from wiki and other personal sites relating him. To add some interesting trivia about him, he is best known for his unabashed New Yorker’s viewpoint and also for his sunglasses. The legend had the fetish for the goggles and over time he made them his trademarks. He lived by his principles. He loved music from the core and he proved it to everyone else. He did it not for the money making but because of his devotion that he had for it. He once quoted that, “I didn’t get in for money, and I’m the same way now. I do it for me. Because I like doing it”. Lou had the estimated net worth of $ 15 million in his bank account.

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