A very dynamic and diligent Lisa Fletcher is a successful award winning journalist. Presently, she is serving as an anchor and correspondent on Al Jazeera US based in Washington. Fletcher is mostly known for her work as an investigative reporter who has done extensive coverage of major breaking news around the globe. As a contributing reporter, she has worked with several giant news stations such as ABC News, KTVZ – TV, KEZI – TV and many more. Ms. Fletcher by birth is an American who authentically holds American Citizenship and is a descendant of White American. An account of her early life is still not unveiled by any source. Hence, it’s quite difficult to reckon her early upbringing.

Lisa had attended the University of Oregon to receive her higher education. Her principal field of study was Journalism and also added English to a regular schedule. She had made her mind early on to pursue a career in Journalism. So, while still in college, Lisa started out on air career with KEZI – TV in Oregon. In 1990, she obtained her Bachelor of Science degree. After graduating, she took on duty as an everyday newscaster for KTVZ – TV in Bend, Oregon. After serving for three years, she finally departed from the station to rejoin KEZI back in 1993. KEZI – TV appointed her as an investigative reporter and main anchor so it was quite obvious that she would not let go such a massive opportunity. During her former years as a correspondent, she reported on the natural calamity which includes some of the most ravaging forest fires and floods of the Northwest. Fletcher’s May 1998, coverage of Thurston’s high school shootings brought her wide attention that eventually won her Edward R. Murrow Award.

Winning her major award in 2002, Lisa was capable of moving up in her professional career. By then, she started to emerge as a leading investigative reporter in the media house. She flourished as one of the successful professional reporters. She wowed the people with her awe – inspiring anchoring skills. After being affiliated with KNXV – TV in Phoenix, Arizona, Lisa uncovered many newsworthy cases such as million dollar business corruption, security breaches at airports and casinos fraudulent. Her coverage stirred up government to investigate. Thus, Ms. Fletcher has been a key player to instigate government official to conduct an inquiry of such critical stories. Conferring honor upon her effort, she was then graced with prestigious Nancy Dickerson Whitehead medallion. She had received $ 10000 which was later given freely to the Phoenix Area Agency for the cause of fund. In 2007, Fletcher began to work as an ABC News correspondent. Judging her worth, she was then highly appraised by the David Westin, ABC News President. Without any interruption and compromise she constantly appeared on ABC World News, Good Morning America. On behalf of ABC News, Fletcher prepared special reportage scrutinizing the Sarah Palin’s record, made in – depth examination of political scandal of Governor Mark Sanford in Argentina. While reporting for ABC News, she had made coverage of the OJ Simpson trial and sentencing in Las Vegas and Craigslist Killer in Boston. In addition, she has secured many one-on-one exclusive interviews of eminent figures. Ms. Fletcher is blessed by fortune and paid regular and great salary by her employers. She has surely hoarded a significant amount of net worth.

In May 2013, Lisa Fletcher was married to Wayne Pacelle. Her husband is chief executive officer of the Humane Society of the United States. Until now, there is no any high risk of divorce or separation between the couple. She counts on herself as a lucky person to marry the right person.

Over the past few years, a number of honors are bestowed upon Ms. Lisa Fletcher for her broadcast excellence. Fletcher has been the recipient of prestigious Emmy Awards. With due effort, she has earned her position of honor.

She is vivacious and outgoing with an ever present smile that never fails to recreate her audiences. In her entire life, she has rarely experienced professional setback. . Her reports are characterized as a unique blending of the elusive concept with clear perception. A well fabricated biography of Lisa Fletcher can be obtained via Wiki.