Laurie Dhue is an American television journalist. Until April 2015, Laurie Dhue hosted episodes of TheBlaze's investigative journalism news magazine For the Record, and presented highlights of evening news on TV.


The ambitious Laurie Walker Dhue, popularly known as Laurie Dhue is the American television journalist currently working at The Blaze. She is also the founder, CEO and president of Laurie Dhue Media. Born on February 10, 1969, she grew up in Atlanta, Georgia. She is the daughter of former vice president of World Championship Wrestling, Bob Dhue and his wife Hutton Dhue.  The veteran journalist completed her graduation from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She holds Bachelor’s degree in political science with a concentration in dramatic arts.

Her work associations have always been with prestigious networks. She is the only anchor that has had the opportunity to host shows for the major cable networks including CNN, Fox News and MSNBC. She joined CCN in 1990 and remained with the station for nine long years. During her tenure, she hosted weekend programs such as “CNN Saturday”, “CNN Sunday”, “World View” and “The World Today”. She then left the network to make her transition to MSNBC in 1999. She got recruited to anchor “News front” for the cable.

And she then moved to Fox News Channel. She did great work for the network as she became the anchor for the highly rated “Fox Report Weekend” and was also weekly seen on the cable’s number one show “The O’ Reilly Factor”. She remained with the channel till 2008. Some speculate that she got fired from the work but the officials confirmed that she left the network because either party could not come to an agreement.

At six feet and three inches, Dhue is one of the tallest journalists of television. However, it’s not just her stance, but she has truly accomplished great heights in her career also. Iconic and one of the prominent journalists, Dhue has established her personal style as classy. Her elegant and sophisticated sense to style do set her apart from the rest, it’s never overboard. She wears clothes that show the right amount of her curves and beautiful long legs. She is all about class and her style speaks it for self.

To the world, she was the essence of professionalism, she seemingly had everything that any successful news executive would, but no one ever knew her battle with alcoholism. She had struggle the severe addiction for fifteen years long. Most of the times, while holding several high profile broadcasting work for Fox and CNN, she’d not be sober. Finally, after years of leading double life, in 2007, she received treatment for her alcoholic condition and has remained sober since then. And on February 2011, she decided to go public about the same to help aware people about the damage it brings She now shares her experience to the world to help them combat their struggle with drinking habits.

She is married to her husband Thomas Colquitt but unfortunately, their marriage ended in divorce shortly after. Currently, she is single and away from the television too. However, she does accept to make appearances for public speaking at conventions, conferences, corporate events and special events.  

Laurie Dhue definitely set her image apart from the rest of the journalists. Her accomplishments are unmatchable. She earned both fame and fortune over the years. However, her total net worth is not disclosed by any source whatsoever. She now lives a sober life and is occasionally seen at public forum. Her in numerated fans and viewers can catch up on her at the twitter account, which has become the most sellable and convenient modes of mass communication. More about her life can be obtained from the wiki and other personal sites relating her.