Kirsten Powers is an American political pundit. Kirsten Powers was a contributor on Fox News but later moved to CNN as a commentator on 22nd August 2016.


Kirsten Power's Dating, Marriage and Divorce History. Fox News Journalist Announces Engagement With Boyfriend

Born in Fairbanks, Alaska to archaeologist parents, Powers’ family helped prompt her interest in debate and politics. Raised an Episcopalian, she spent most of her early teen as an atheist. Her father is a NRA’s former member and brother serves as teacher. Along with her age, her interest in politics grew which landed her to the University of Maryland where she studied Political Science. Afterward she attended the Georgetown University where she studied law for 1 and a half year. Influenced by her then religious Christian man boyfriend, she conversed herself into an evangelical Christian in her mid-thirties. She has always maintained a good relationship with her ex-boyfriend former Congressman Anthony Weiner. In January 2010, Kirsten Powers married with Dr. Marty Makary (husband). The marriage that was expected to last forever could sustain more than three years. Their divorce was finalized in 2013.

Her ever glowing and charming face even at the mid-forties has constantly attracted the rumors of plastic surgeries. However she has neither accepted nor denied this news. Though she loves arts, she has never tattooed her body. During her free time, she loves to enjoy her hobbies that include reading books.

Professional career growth:

A well known American figure Kirsten Powers started her political career in 1992 as a staff assistant of Democratic Party.  She subsequently served as Deputy Assistant U.S. Trade Representative for public affairs during popular Clinton administration. However she left the job to join America Online as vice president for its international communications. Following the merger of AOL and Time Warner, she was appointed as a vice president of the foundation named  “AOL – Time Warner”. She was engaged with the New York Democratic politics for several years as a staff of the New York State Democratic Committee. She served the campaign against then-mayor of New York City, Michael Bloomberg where she achieved great success. She was also associated with the Donnie Fowler’s election campaign as press secretary. In 2015, Powers penned “The Silencing: Hoe the Left is Killing Free Speech”.

Powers strong supports President Barack Obama and supported his Health Care Act strongly until she found flaws in its implementation. Additionally, she has supported Obama’s multiple legal acts like marriage rights & gay rights, immigration reform and gun control. She was completely against Iraq war. She opposes death penalty and elective late-term abortions. The dynamic persona has always supported humanity and people rather than government. Though her statements are largely popular but sometime it as well land her in the midst of controversies. Powers pens colums for USA Today and Daily Best on an array of topic such as, politics, human rights and faith. She also works on Fox News as political analyst and does shows like the Fox News Sunday, the O’Reilly Factor and Special Report with Bret Baier.

Salary and Net Worth:

Looking at her career graph it is quite easy to anticipate that she has added huge amount to her account, however unfortunately the numerical data of her salary or net worth has not been revealed in 2016. Though she is a popular face and has a very good earning, she prefers to lead a very simple life.

Contribution to Society:

Humanitarian Powers has always worked for the welfare of people. She has aided multiple charity foundations by funding team personally or by raising funds. In the past, she has worked at the National Council for Research on Women and Human Rights First. To know more about this influencing lady, one may log on to her personal account or visit wiki. Her detailed biography is available in multiple other websites, including IMDb. 



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