Kim Novak is one of the renowned actresses of the latter half of the 20th century. Kim came in front of the world as an actress when she was of 21 years old and achieved huge success. Although her debut role was not credited, she managed to get enrolled amongst the list of top actresses within a year she commenced her career. She spent nearly 4 decades in acting industry and starred in various hit movies which earned her huge fame and worldwide recognition. Widely known by her stage name Kim Novak, she was born as Marilyn Pauline Novak on 13th February, 1933 in Chicago, United States.

Kim was born to a Czech couple, Joseph and Blanche Novak. Joseph, her father worked as a history teacher while her mother was an employee at a factory. When Kim was of 32 years old, she was married to Richard Johnson, an English actor. Although their marriage ended was short termed, they chose to become friends afterwards. Soon after getting divorced with Johnson, she was engaged to Richard Quine, an American director and actor. While she was engaged to Quine, her romantic links with high personalities like Sammy Davis, Jr., General Ramfis Trujillo, Frank Sinatra, Michael Brandon, Richard Beymer and Prince Aly Khan made her a hot topic in media at that time. In 1976, she got married to Robert Malloy, a veterinarian, whom she first met in 1974 during a house call. Kim shares no children with any of her partners but she is a mother to two children of Robert from his previous marriage.

Kim was born and raised in Chicago and was sent to William Penn Elementary for her primary education. For her high schooling, she attended Farragut High School, upon graduating from where she joined the Wright Junior College. Kim was a good student with praise worthy arts skills which earned her scholarship from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. While she was studying in the junior college, she did brief modeling for a refrigerator company. During this period, she got chance to be an extra for the movie The French Line. Her eye-catching appearance caught attention of an agent and she was signed by Colombia Pictures. In 1954, Kim made her debut performance in the movie Pushover. After appearing in a couple of movies, she received a lead role as Marjorie Owens in the movie Picnic which proved to become her breakthrough. She received critical acclaims for her performance in the movie and continued playing roles in other successful movies such as The Man with the Golden Arm, Pal Joey, The Eddy Duchin Story, Vertigo, Middle of the Night, Jeanne Eagles, Bell, Book and Candle, and so on. The last time she ever played a role was in 1991 for the movie Liebestraum. It was reported that the reason behind her retirement from acting profession was a violent discussion between her and director Mike Figgis during the filming of Liebestraum. During her entire acting career, she has made many notable contributions for which she has received several awards including Golden Globe Award and Henrietta Award. In 1960, she was also honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. As a successful actress, Kim has also earned net worth of approximately 15 million dollars.

Kim is undoubtedly one of the great actresses of the 50s. Besides, she is also a proficient artist. She had a huge collection of her art which unfortunately burnt during a house fire that took place in 2000. Apart from arts, she also enjoys horse riding and has horse and llama farms in California and Oregon.

Kim is truly a beauty with talent. Her acting and art skills have always impressed many people. Although she ended her acting career in short period of time, she has left behind unforgettable memories in the history of American film industry. 


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