Korean actress Kim Ha-neul is one of the top actresses from South Korea. She entered acting industry in 1996 and has collected huge fan base through her imposing appearance in movies and television series. The actress who has starred in over 20 movies and television series is stuck in the viewers’ heart for her performance in movies like My Tutor Friend, My Girlfriend Is an Agent, Too Beautiful to Lie, Blind, and so on. Born on 21st February, 1978, Kim Ha-neul seems too young for her age.

Born in Seoul, South Korea, as the eldest child to her parents, Ha-neul has a younger brother. Tight-lipped actress Ha-neul has not revealed any information about her family background or about her love interests.

Before Ha-neul came into sight of public as an actress, she was a model. In her early modeling career, she had worked for clothing brands like Storm and Sock Stop. She later decided to pursue her career in acting and hence joined the Seoul Institute of the Arts to study Film. After having her acting skills nurtured in the institute, she debuted as a film actress in 1998 by portraying the role of Yoo Chae-young in movie Bye June. A year later, she made her debut appearance in television as a part of SBS network’s production, Happy Together. In 2000, she played a significant role as a lead actress in sci-fi romance movie Ditto. In her earlier years as an actress, she has appeared in television series like Piano, Secret and Romance. Raised to fame after starring in Ditto, the actress succeeded to gain worldwide recognition after appearing in movies My Tutor Friend and Too Beautiful to Lie. Both the movies were critical and commercial success which helped Ha-neul in earning the title of The Queen of Romantic Comedies throughout the Korean media. However, the actress had to face disappointment as her projects like Dead Friend, Stained Glass, 90 Days and Time to Love were commercially less successful. On her return to romance genre, she once again gained popularity through her performance in movies Lovers of Six Years and My Girlfriend Is an Agent. Lately, she is best known for her appearance in movie Blind and in television series A Gentleman’s Dignity. Besides starring in movies and television series, Ha-neul has performed in few music videos as well. To Heaven, Last Promise and I Was Happy are some music videos in which she has appeared. Similarly, she has recorded tracks as a solo artist and as a featured artist too. Sky Love, Good,  Stars in the Night Sky, I Only Look at You, Bbuing Bbuing – You’re My Pet Song, etc are some songs by her. Accommodated with versatile talents, Ha-neul is one of the top Korean actresses and has won a number of awards.

Kim Ha-neul has is one of the renowned Korean actresses who has appeared in a bunch of hit Korean movies and drama series. Ha-neul, who is known for her devotion towards acting, can be frequently seen making efforts to raise funds for children in need. The actress supports various NGOs which are established to help the less fortunate children.

Best known for the movies like My Girlfriend Is an Agent, My Tutor Friend and Too Beautiful to Lie, Kim Ha-neul has become a familiar name in the romance genre Korean movies. Considered as one of the top 10 female stars of Korea, Ha-neul has received several awards including Grand Bell Award and Blue Dragon Film Awards. The competent actress is admired by her fans for her simplicity and unpretentiousness. 


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