Kim Cunningham is a widely known American television weather forecaster. Cunningham was born on 1966 in Cincinnati, Ohio. A native of Ohio has been around with the network more than a decade. At present Kim is serving as an on camera meteorologist for the weather channel. The on camera weather channel reporter has a stunningly beautiful look whose appearance enchants the audiences. She possesses an ability and skill to break down perplexed and highly technical reportage in modest form. Taking in charge of senior on camera meteorologist role, she has accepted several challenges to her duty at the network. For Kim Cunningham, an on camera meteorologist, weather forecasting is emotionally and intellectually exciting.

Kim’s hometown was Cincinnati, where she spent the earliest period of her life being marveled by nature. She admits that nature has been the greatest tutor for her. Weather used to be charmed little girl, this means certainly her hometown was a point for apocalypse. On April 4, 1974, violently destructive windstorm hit the Cincinnati. This devastating scene was witnessed by a little girl. In fact a sense of concern regarding weather was deeply rooted during that puerile phase. Cunningham is a successful academician as well. She has acquired a far reaching knowledge in atmospheric science. After earning her high school degree, Kim was accepted in Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska from where she collected her undergraduate degree in atmospheric Science. But for a young Kim, this was not adequate enough as she had wanted to explore her potential to its fullest. So she received her associate in applied Science from nearby non residential junior college of the Air Force. In addition to that, Cunningham enrolled herself at Chanute Air Force Base in Illinois, where she was trained for her future career.

Her career at the weather channel was initiated in 1991. Prior to being affiliated with TWC, Cunningham rendered a service as an observer and forecaster for the United States Air Force. There she had ameliorated her anchoring skills. For several years, Cunningham had undertaken duty as a southern hemisphere and tropical weather reporter at Global Weather Central. Apart from breaking down and forecasting tropical systems, she was also responsible to forecast for eastern Mediterranean. While at Global Weather Central, Cunningham had done an extensive research to figure out the relation between lightning strikes and tornado formation. She did everything possible to perfect her broadcasting skills. As a meteorologist, she has been an acknowledged figure. She has received a title as an Airman of the Year. Furthermore, she has also been the recipient of the Leadership School Academic Achievement Award.

She departed from United States Air Force Service in order to join the Weather channel. In an initial phase at TWC, she assisted as a senior meteorologist behind the scene. In 1997, she took over as an on camera meteorologist. At the moment she is a hurricane expert and jointly hosts Weather Center live Weekend on the network. Except from being a brilliant meteorologist, Kim is a joint author of the book entitled “You Can Be a Woman Meteorologist”. Kim Cunningham is also a member of the prestigious society such as AMS and NWS.

Kim is a married woman. She has four children altogether, including one step son. Cunningham is an outgoing lady who loves to watch soccer and baseball in her spare time. She has a great musical sense and interested in alternative, metal and classic. The official website of TWC has presented her biography, but however Wiki has not brought forward anything about her. At the moment she is running at the age of 48 but even to this time her beauteousness has not faded out. Cunningham resides with her family in Atlanta, Georgia.


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