Kathy Ireland

The very gracious and beautiful Kathy Ireland is an American model and an actress. She is also an entrepreneur and designer. She was born on March 20, 1963 at California United States. She is the daughter of John Ireland and his wife Barbara. She belongs to American nationality. She completed her graduation from San Marcos High School. She was discovered by a modeling agent when she was only seventeen years of age.


She has completed over three decades in the modeling industry. She looks amazing, has an awesome goddess like figure and is extreme professional. She’s got the height of five feet and ten inches. It is an added advantage for models to have a tall height because that guarantees sexy long legs. And Kathy had all of it. She could rock any look and she always set the run way on fire. She has that x-factor in her. With clothes or without them, she looked smash hit in any avatar. She basically rose to fame as a swimsuit model during 1980s/90s. She has posed in ultra sheek and glamorous bikinis for Sports Illustrated swimsuit issues during that era. And she can make any man fantasize over her. Her entire journey in the modeling field and her accomplishments and brief personal history is well written in the Wikipedia for her fans.


She is already at the age of fifty and one could hardly tell her actual age just by looking at her. Kathy manages to look youthful and attractive even at this stage of her life. She can give any model in her twenties run for their money. She has maintained herself so beautifully. Her body does not look shapeless. She knows that without following a disciplined diet she would not look as attractive as she does. Therefore, she eats right and works out on a regular basis. She takes extra effort to look her best. She knows how to shine when the cameras are on her. Her hair and makeup brings out the best in her. She still looks fabulous in her pictures.


Talking about her personal life, Kathy Ireland married her husband Dr. Greg Olsen on 20th August, 1988. It’s an applaud able accomplishment for both of them, since Hollywood is not known for longevity of marriages. And against all odds, the couples retained their marital status for almost twenty five years now. They have three children together. They are the proud parents of Lily, Erik and Chloe Olsen. The couples have been leading a happy family life and are less likely to separate. They are tight together and it would be absolute nonsense to speculate about their divorce in near future.


She is an extremely fortunate woman. She was spotted by a modeling agent when she was only seventeen. She rose to fame without any trouble. It seemed like, she had it in her destiny to associate with the modeling field and make it big there. And today, the model has her own business and she has the estimated net worth of $350 million. Her annual salary as of present is $10 million. That is a huge amount of fortune and she definitely earned it all on her own.


To add some interesting scoops about her, she is best known for breathy, little girl voice and her voluptuous figure. She is one of those few models who have her own clothing line which she named K-mart. It is a very less known fact that she is also a former lifelong surfer. Apart from all the chaos in her life, she enjoys writing too. She has published few of her books which entitles “What do mommies do?”, “An angel called hope” and others. 

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Quick Bio of Kathy Ireland

Date of Birth March 20, 1963 (age 50)
Nationality United States
Occupation Fashion Model, Actress
Religion Christian
Husband : Dr. Greg Olsen
Height 1.78 m
Divorce Not Yet
Children : Lily Olsen, Erik Olsen, Chloe Olsen
Marital Status Married (1988 to Present)
Net Worth $ 350 Million
Salary $ 10 Million
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Auburn

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