Kari Byron | Biography

Born with the birth name as Kari Elizabeth Byron, this artist and television personality of the American nationality has been recognized with her professional name Kari Byron since a decade. She was born on the date of 18th December, 1974 in California of United States, being a daughter of Sue Byron and Dennis. This beautiful red haired girl is currently residing for her professional work in San Francisco of California. As a child, she was highly interested in making arts and performing. The same artistic field has been turned to the rising stardom in her career.

Kari   Byron | Biography

Enlightening the personal life of this charming and beautiful woman, running in her late thirties is currently in the married status. She has been sharing her romantic conjugal life with famous artist Paul Urich. Following the few years of dating, the couple was married on March 2006. As a gift of their amiable and romantic relationship, the couple has been parenting a beautiful and loving daughter named Stella Ruby (born 2009) as their children. As she is living a blissful and romantic life with her family, her husband, Paul has been proved to be a true soul mate to her. In the globalization period, plastic surgery has been a best method to uphold the beauty of any persons in growing age. Basically among the female celebrities, breast augmentation is the highly popular and efficient method. In the same way, Kari has also attempted to maintain her outlooks charming and make her fit and slim in this age too. She hasn’t admitted her work to the plastic surgery but the focusing public eye has raised the rumors regarding beauty enhancement work of breast implants.

Earning the school level graduation studying at Los Gatos High School, she graduated magna cum lade in the year 1998 with the bachelor’s degree in sculpture and film from San Francisco State University. She had commenced her professional career in the artistic field in year 2003 and currently holds the great fame at the leading arts gallery of San Francisco. Thinking the sculptures and arts as the significant aspects of her life, Kari had made her artistic debut making a Stray Doll exhibiting in the public in 2004. She herself thinks artistic field as the hard professional path but various SECCA awards winning artist of past has been inspirational factor to her. At the present also, she makes sculptures, but forwarding her career in the television industry, she hasn’t publicize her arts with the exhibitions. She had worked as the co-host for the science entertainment TV program, ‘MythBusters’ for a decade from 2004 to 2014. The popular show telecasted in Discovery Channel was produced in Beyond Television Production of Australia and Peter Rees was creator for the show. Another important part of her career is the show ‘Head Rush’. Along with ‘MythBusters’ she gained extensive popularity from that show as well. The show ‘Head Rush’ is her own show that is shown from the science channel since 2010 and is geared towards teens and science education. Moreover, she had made guest role in an episode of Discovery sitcom, ‘Sons of Guns’. Actively pursuing her jobs in the artistic world and television world, she has earned the net worth of $1.5 million has been able established herself in the category of the richest celebrity.

Kari is highly interested in artistic field and sculpting, which is reflected through her profession successful in the same field. Moreover, she has also interest in the television sector as well. As she is vegetarian and she hates non-vegan items but she likes to eat fish.  As the famous celebrity, this 5 ft and 5 inches tall woman tends to stand in the well toned figure with the fashionable dresses.

Having the red colored hair as the trademark of Kari’s appearance, she has been popular with her nick name Red. This fashionable girl has flourished her fame whole over US and even in the international level making the artistic and sculpting work as her major profession. Moreover, she has also accomplished much more from the television appearances. For any of the information regarding to the biography of   Kari, various sites like as Wikipedia, IMDb and others are available in the internet. Moreover, various social networking sites like Facebook and twitter has made her close to her fans worldwide.



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