Born and raised in United States, the very lovely and charming Karen Finney is a political commentator. At present, she is associated with MSNBC channel. She hosts Disrupt with Karen Finney for the network. Prior to assuming this role, she was also a former independent consultant who worked with political and corporate clients in the fields of political and communication strategy. She has the twenty years of experience in national politics and campaigns.  She belongs to American nationality and African American mixed ethnicity. She has definitely come a real long way in her career.

Karen Finney was the first African American spokesperson for Democratic National Committee. She worked there for four years. During her tenure at DNC, she led the party’s media strategy during the 2006 midterm elections and the 2008 presidential elections. Prior to assuming her responsibilities at DNC, she worked as a Deputy Press Secretary for Hillary Clinton during 1990s.

Besides, she also had the opportunity to work as Deputy Director of Presidential Scheduling for President Bill Clinton. Karen basically has more than twenty years of working with political and corporate clients in the United States and Globally in the areas of political and communications strategy, message development, crisis communications, branding and public affairs. Besides all of the hassles, she has also worked to improve education both in public and private sectors.

Her rich background in education policy and politics, her impressive experiences, her associations in the past and all of her versatility has landed her at MSNBC’s weekend program. She’s got a great personality too.

She can definitely bind the viewers to the television screen. Her confidence and her persona shines through while on air. She stands tall at five feet and certain inches. She understands the requirement and the responsibility to look presentable on screen and during her political excursions. She never overlooks her appearances no matter what. She is dressed elegantly suitable for occasions. She wears outfits that bring out the best in her, her curves and her beautiful long legs.

Karen Finney has definitely accomplished a lot for her age. But talking of her personal life, she hardly speaks about it. So, many personal details associated with her life are unknown. But the probability could be that she has not yet found the man for herself.

Karen Finney has not married anyone and does not have a husband therefore. She is all single. Her work keeps her all busy and she has no time to think of relationship and all. Since, she has not tied knot with any person; it’s more than obvious that she’s never been through divorce case either. She does not have children of her own either.

She is definitely making huge amount of fortune for her work. She is an asset to any organization and therefore MSNBC is taking no risk of keeping her dissatisfied regarding her salary. She is paid for her excellent work. Her net worth is however not disclosed by any source.

But, she has definitely made huge amount of wealth enough for her to live a luxurious life style. Her Wikipedia does not contain much information about her life. Her viewers and admirers can get more details about her through personal sites relating her other than wiki. 

She is on twitter, the most convenient way of remaining close with the fans and viewers. Her admirers can simply follow her at her twitter account and remain up close and personal with her. To add some interesting trivia about her, she is also a columnist apart from being political commentator. She writes for The Hill.


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