Jinkx Monsoon

American Drag performer and the winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race season five, Jinkx Monsoon was born on September 18, 1987. Currently, she has become Seattle’s one of the most widely popular youngest Milf. Born a boy at Portland, Oregon Jinkx’s real name was Jerick Hoffer. He knew he was gay long ago but came out clean about his sexuality during his mid school. When he broke the news to his grandma, she reacted in much supportive way.  Growing up, he always found an attraction towards performing. He couldn’t have thought of becoming anything else but someone to bring smile on people’s life. Jerick knew exactly what he wanted to become and thus because of that he’s living what he always aspired to be. But prior to becoming, a popular and such highly acknowledged drag queen Jinkx Monsoon, he had to undergo some sort of trouble in his earlier life. During his graduation years, he used to work as a janitor to pay his dues. He graduated with BFA in theater from Cornish College of Arts in 2010. And he has been living in Seattle, London since 2006.

  • Date of Birth:

    September 18, 1988 (age 25)

  • Height:


  • Married To:

    Not married

He began his career working on stage just at the tender age of fifteen. By the time he turned sixteen, he was already performing drag at the underage nightclub, Escape. As he matured, his performances evolved and he became more proficient with his acts. Year 2006, he moved to Seattle with the dreams of becoming the Prima Donna of Seattle’s cabaret and burlesque scene. By 2012, he had advanced roles in Seattle theatres playing Mortiz in “Spring Awakening”, Angel in “Rent” and Hedwig in “Hedwig and the Angry Inch”. Earlier this year, he played Velma Von Tussle in “Hairspray”. Jerick however was not satisfied with the kinds of work he was doing. With the cravings for more recognition, he decided on to leave his ongoing theater work and instead competed among other drag queens on the fifth season of “RuPaul’s Drag Race” and came out victorious. Life for him somewhat changed dramatically post winning that show. Considered one of the brightest stars on drag circuit, she’s also half the musical duo on “The Vaudevillians”, a, musical comedy show.

The character Jinkx Monsoon has definitely provided its creator, Jerick Hoffer with incredible amount of fame and acclaim. He’s a complete entertainer. Natural on stage, he can do both music and comedy making his audiences compel to rock on laugh riot. He’s gradually becoming noticed as one of the hottest and talented drag queens around. Critics everywhere have praise for him. Besides, his over bearing and impudent on stage impersonation as Jinkx Monsoon, he is a huge advocate for HIV and STD prevention and awareness for the queer youth culture and strives to educate young people to practice safe sexual intercourse and keep sex related diseases at bay.

Speaking of his personal life, he has just turned twenty six years of age. He has a lot to accomplish before he settles for marriage. Surprisingly, he has also not indulged into any relationship. Jerick thus does not have a boyfriend for now. He’s definitely keeping his life a low-key since he does not have desires to land his personal space under any scrutiny. He’s here to work, spread love and make people entertain, that’s what he’s more interested for mean while. So many details about his life remain mystery work. However, Jinkx isn’t among those individuals who appear to be bothered about their single relationship status. Everything has a time and therefore he’s not rushing into anything. He’s so young and just climbing towards the peak of his career, so it’s really not the time for him to get married and settle down.

Many details about his can be obtained from wiki and other personal sites relating him. Similarly, like many of us today, Jinkx is also on social networking site. His fans and admirers therefore can get to know him better by becoming his follower at twitter, facebook or any such micro blogging site where he has an account. To add few interesting fun facts about him, he loves Red light and Buffalo to buy best vintage clothes. His inspiration towards embarking on a drag career is Sharon Needles. It was her who really motivated Jinkx to go on that way. He can actually look like a real woman and make heads turn. With his lavishly iconic makeup on and few feminine clothes and hair dos and Jerick is all set to rock the show.

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