Born on November 24, 1986 Jimmy Graham is an American tight end for the New Orleans Saint Football team. Native from Greensboro, North Carolina Graham’s childhood was nothing short of misery. Just at the age of eleven, his parents abandoned him which drove him to the orphanage and left him there to suffer. He recalls being physically beaten and tortured by other older children. Surviving at group home for Graham definitely had its hardships. But eventually, his life’s story changed after being adopted by his future mother Becky Vinson during his high school years which changed his life extravagantly.

He excelled as a senior college basketball player and even earned a basketball scholarship to the University of Miami where he was the member of Miami Hurricanes. Graham contributed his dedication equally to the study as well. In 2009, he completed his graduation by earning double major in management and marketing, and then stayed at Miami to take graduate classes while playing a season of Football. Graham only had a year old experience with football, but however NFL executives sensed the athletic quality in him. Graham’s size and speed made him the perfect fit for the game and therefore after he graduated New Orleans Saint chose him in the third round of 2010 NFL Draft. He even signed the four year contract worth $ 2.445 million.

He plays as the premier tight end for the National Football League in terms of receptions and touchdowns. His ability and skills with the game has not remained in shadow. He has pretty obviously excelled in his form and has not disappointed his hiring company. He has broken many records and delivered outstanding performances while on field. His career stats provide the evidence to the same that this young lad is here to stay and shine. He wears jersey number 80. He has only become better every other game and no wonder he’s making good money for himself. At present, he receives the salary of 540,000 USD and has the estimated net worth of $ 1.9 million. His wealth allows him to lead a comforting life.

About his personal life biography, Graham does not seem to have any girlfriend. Standing tall at six feet and seven inches with chiseled great looks, he definitely can make woman go crazy over him but he chooses to remain single. He’s just twenty seven years of age and is at the peak of his career. Relationships and marriage can wait for him. He has his work and game to keep him engaged. He’s dedicated and committed to his first love, football. Having come from such a tough childhood, Graham can now breathe a sigh of relief with the amount of accomplishments and success he has received. He is one blessed guy to have come a long way after the tragic incident. He has accomplished great height career wise and he holds the potential to go even further.

Graham has definitely become a source of inspiration to many of those youths who have undergone the similar situation like him. He stands to the fact that nothing is impossible and that bad times do change. All we got to do is believe and keep the faith alive. Graham has come a real long way in his life. He has already seen the traumatic yester years and remains firm to not let it destroy his present. Today he’s the football star and inspiration to many. Details about him can be obtained from wiki and other personal sites relating him. Besides, he is also the avid user of social networking site which means his fans and admirers can get to know him better by following him at his twitter account. For all the fantasy sports admirers, they can also obtain latest news from the ultimate sports site


  • November 24, 1986
  • American
  • Football player
  • 6' 7" (2.01 m)
  • No
  • Goldsboro, North Carolina, United States
  • No
  • Unmarried
  • 1.9 million USD
  • Jimmy Graham
  • White
  • University of Miami
  • Wiki, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube


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