Jessica Yellin

The very lovely and ambitious Jessica Yellin is a professional journalist. At present she is working for CNN, the world’s largest news organization. She is appointed there as chief White House correspondent. She was born on 25 February, 1971 at Los Angeles, California. She belongs to American nationality. She is the daughter of Ira Edward Yellin and his wife Adele Marilyn. Her father was the president of American Jewish Committee. She went to The Westlake School for Girls which is located in Los Angeles. During her high school, she was the president. And later, she graduated from Harvard College magna cum laude.


Prior to joining CNN, she has had the experience of working with several other channels. She has served as correspondents for ABC News, CNBC and WTV channels. She has hosted Television shows like The Situation Room, Good Morning America and Campbell Brow: No Bias, No Bull. And after receiving experience from different reputed networks, she decided to quit and take her career to next level. She joined CNN in 2007. She covered the 2008 Presidential Election and much later was promoted as chief white house correspondent for the channel. Jessica has an intense personality to her. She looks ambitious and by far she has proved it to all of us. She has come a long way in her career. She started out as a reporter and today after much struggle she has earned the reputation and position of Chief Correspondent for the world’s powerful institutions ever. She has covered many formal and informal news for White House. Apart from that, she has also covered stories for many political leaders including Bill Clinton, Sarah Palin and also about the U.S. economy.


She stands tall at five feet and one inches. She is of a short stance but the height she has accomplished in her professional life is something unmatchable. However, she never takes her work for granted. She worships her occupation. She is an extreme professional. She has many people reporting to her. She can’t ever over look her outer appearance. She is always formally dressed. She wears clothes that hides her flaws and brings out the best in her. Her well fitted blouse and her skirts beautifully show off her curves and her legs in an elegant manner. She is never loud on her make ups.


Jessica is a private person. She dislikes commenting anything about her personal life. She is already the age of forty two. But she has not found her soul mate. She is still single. She has not married any person and thus does not bear a husband. So, this means she has never been through any heart aches like divorce and all of that stuff in her life. She does not have any children either. Any reports about her having a boyfriend are also not confirmed by her. Her relationship status is completely unknown.


She is doing pretty amazing in her work life. She is working for the nation’s most reputed news channel, she is single, independent and she is massively successful in her career, she is living it big as of now. She is receiving great amount of salary from her current employers. And she deserves all of it considering her sincerity towards her work. She has accumulated huge amount of fortune over the years but none of the source has revealed her net worth. Her biography and her career achievements are highlighted in the Wikipedia, encyclopedia for her readers. 

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Quick Bio of Jessica Yellin

Date of Birth February 25, 1971
Nationality American
Occupation Television journalist
Husband No
Height 5'1"
Divorce No
Address Los Angeles, California, United States
Children N/A
Marital Status Unmarried
Net Worth N/A
Name Jessica Yellin
Ethnicity White
Education At Harvard College, Harvard University, Harvard-Westlake School
Online engaged Wiki, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube

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