The beautiful and gorgeous Jennifer Westhoven born on August 16, 1971 is a correspondent currently working at Headline news and CNN. She had joined the network in 2000. She grew up in New Jersey along with her younger brother. Westhoven received her bachelor’s degree in history and political science from Bryn Mawr College. Growing up, she had a strong inclination towards journalism and had plans of becoming one in her later life.


After graduation, she joined an international news agency called Reuters in 1993. Basically, her job was to cover the stock market’s ascent during the technological boom. Besides, she also interviewed some of the influential personalities in the financial world including names like stock market analyst Abby Joseph Cohen of Goldman Sachs, Tyco’s ex CEO Dennis Kozlowski and Richard Grasso, the former head of the NYSE. She remained there for seven long years. She obviously made some good connections and had bankable experiences with her. And in 2000, she finally departed from Reuters to work for CNN. Initially, CNN had hired her for CNNfn, CNN’s former financial news network. Her foundation and her experience at Reuters made her the apt choice for the position. She carried on her responsibility with all the commitments and best of her ability. She covered stories live from the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). Apart from that, she also did stories on financial collapse in 2008, the jobs market, September 11 terrorist attacks, the Enron Scandal and the rising Chinese economy.  And in 2006, she was offered to do a morning show “Morning Express with Robin Meade” at HLN. Besides, she also appears on “Your money”.


Five feet and three inches tall, Westhoven is one of the hot babes in the television. She does not have advantage with height and plus she is more on a heavier side too; therefore, she remains careful with her outfits. She wears clothes that hides any flaws and cleverly shows her beautiful curves and her long luscious legs. She has already stepped in her forties and recently became a mother. But clearly, she has not taken herself for granted. She looks young and refreshing. Westhoven has done a beautiful job of maintaining herself over the years.


Talking about her personal life biography, she is married with her boyfriend Joe Palese,\ who is believed to be a yoga teacher in New York City and a musician. They got engaged in November 2006 and exchanged their wedding vows a year later. The two have sustained their marriage for six years now and are tight together. She is happy in her relationship with her husband. Though, they share completely different genres of profession, but they clearly understand and remain supportive of one another. So, the possibilities of them getting divorced is sort of less. Also, they welcomed their first child a baby boy on April 21, 2011. He is named James, who at present is two years of age.


With over twenty years of experience in the television, she has definitely come a long way in her career. She has established herself an identity with all the sincerity and hard work. She still has the same refreshing enthusiasm and attitude for her work. She is an asset to any organization. CNN pays her good amount of salary to keep her satisfied. She has earned both fame and fortune over the years. However, her total net worth is not disclosed by any source. But, she certainly brings good amount of wealth to her family. She has accomplished success both at personal and professional level.


To add about her interests, she loves sidecars, yoga and 5ks. She has a twitter account. Her fans and admirers can know more about her by following her there. Also, more information about her can be extracted from wiki and other sites relating her.